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Text Sounds Not Working On Iphone

Text Sounds Not Working On Iphone

Text Sounds Not Working On Iphone

If text sounds are not working on your iPhone, you need not worry about this issue.  All you need to do is go to the settings app and tap on the notifications app, and click on the messages. You should make sure that your message notifications are turned on. Then click on the sound and haptics and make your text sound loud.

If you do not have alert tone set up for any particular app, then it is bound to happen that you will encounter a Notification Sounds Not Working On iPhone error. Your iPhone allows you to disable all notifications for certain apps, which could be the problem here. If you are not getting notifications for a particular app, make sure that the Sounds option is turned on in your iPhone. When Do Not Disturb is enabled, any calls, texts, and other alerts on the iPhone are muted.

If you are experiencing a lack of audio or alerts from text messages on your iPhone, you may want to try turning messaging notifications off, and then back on, to resolve the problem. If you are not getting any sound notifications for your text messages on the iPhone, or your device is not showing notifications for new texts or iMessages, check out these convenient solutions to solve the problem. Hopefully, you have gotten past this problem and are starting to receive text/sound alerts on your iPhone. Fortunately, getting to the bottom of the problem and fixing your no sound or text message alerts problem on iPhone is a simple matter.

Unfortunately, no sound notifications issue on the iPhone is quite a common problem, and we are going to show you how to solve this problem on this blog. If receiving is not happening to you, we have got a few simple tips for fixing that no audio in text message iPhone problem instantly.

The notifications function in the iPhone helps to notify us about incoming texts, but sometimes, there may be times where the iPhone does not make any sound when receiving text. Another reason why your iPhone may not make a sound when you receive a text is that you have silenced the contact who sent you the text. When you receive a text, your iPhone may not make a sound if no text notification sounds are set, you have connected an audio device, notifications are off, DND or Silent Mode is turned on, a contact is muted, or the phone is defective. After putting your iPhone into silent mode, there is no notification tone for new texts.

If you are still not getting the notification tone for your texts on the iPhone, turn vibration on so that you are not missing out on any new alerts. Your problem with iPhone Not Notifying Me Of A Text Message may stem from silent notification settings. When you are not getting notifications about your iPhone messages, check that the Messages app is allowed to display them on your lock screen, in your Notification Center, and anywhere else. If you leave the Messages app open on a Mac, it is possible that new messages will show up there, but your iPhone might not make the text notification sounds for them.

Watch this video to learn how to fix iPhone message notification sound not working

If you cannot receive any notifications, or you do not hear the audio notification of incoming messages, when your device is locked, you can fix that issue easily by turning on Show on lock screen under Settings.

Notification SettingsCheck notification settings for messages
DND Mode/Silent ModeTurn off Silent Mode and DND Mode
Force QuitForce quit the Message App
Ringtone/Alert SliderCheck Ringtone and Alert slide or Check text message tone
How to fix “Text Sounds Not Working On iPhone.”

To ensure lock is not accompanied with a sound alert, go also to Settings > Notifications > Messaging and ensure that Sound is selected, rather than showing either No Sound or Just vibrate. If your iPhone does not emit the sound of the alert when the notification comes from a third-party app, make sure that the Sounds switch is turned on for that app. If you have accidentally set this to None, you will not get an alert sound when this person texts you.

Sometimes, you might find your iPhone cannot receive any notifications at all when someone texts you. There are often app crashes or interactions that may happen inside the iPhone, which cause some features, such as audio notifications, not to work. Your iPhone may even have system crashes that may impede notifications and alerts.

Sometimes, a Do Not Disturb function is turned on in your iOS device, which can result in an issue of notifications not working in the iPhone. You have disabled Do Not Disturb on iPhone with little effort, now you can test whether or not the problem is fixed.

If iPhone Notifications issues are still present on your iPhone after trying the aforementioned methods, there is likely an issue with your iPhones system, and you will have to repair it. If you are facing the notification sound problem in iPhones with a particular app, then try fixing it by checking notification sound settings of that specific app. For instance, if an application is not notifying you of new messages with sounds, then you will want to check its in-app notifications settings to make sure that the “sound notification” option is turned on.

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If you occasionally pick up your iPhone and see messages that are not accompanied by notification sounds, vibrations, or some other type of alert, it means that something is blocking you from receiving text notifications. Well, when notifications are silent, it becomes quite easy to miss out on crucial information, especially when the iPhone is out of your hands or in the vicinity.

If you are not getting notifications about your phone calls or notifications from other apps, be sure to check whether Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode is turned off, as these are designed to lock out notifications. If you cannot receive text notifications on your iPhone when it is locked, and when you check your messages, they display the half-moon icon, that is because you have enabled Do Not Disturb, which makes calls and notifications quiet when the iPhone is locked. If you notice you are not getting any more text notifications on your iPhone, you can typically solve the issue by changing the settings, restarting the Messages app, rebooting the phone, and making sure that all your software is up-to-date. If rebooting apps and restarting your iPhone does not work to get text sounds working, it is possible you have some bad hardware in your iPhone.

If you are experiencing text messages without audio in your iPhone, sometimes force rebooting, otherwise known as hard rebooting, may solve those kinds of problems. If your iPhone has bad speakers, you are going to keep running into issues with the text notification sounds, the ringer sound from callers, etc. If your Volume Alert Slider is set to Zero or Low Volume, you will continue to lose text messages on your iPhone.

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If you are using iOS 13, you might notice that message alerts are not working on your iPhone, this could be due to bugs in iOS 13 or in other particular versions of iOS. If none of the tricks mentioned above has worked in getting rid of the issue, upgrade your software on iPhone or iPad. After updating your iOS, it does not matter whether you are facing iPhone notification sounds that are not working, or any related errors like screen getting stuck while checking for updates; all of them can be fixed if you have iToolab iOS Repair Program FixGo handy.

Why does my text notification sound not work sometimes?

Usually, the DND mode is to blame if you experience any notification issues. It’s possible that you accidentally turned it on, or other phone features, such as the gaming mode or the bedtime mode, can enable DND. Check if it is enabled by going to System Settings > Apps and Notifications > Notifications.

Why isn’t my iPhone chiming when I get a text?

Select Settings > Notifications. Make sure sounds are turned on, then go down to Messages. and the box has a green checkmark. Also check to see if your ringer is not set to “Silent,” which you can tell if the switch at the upper left of your iPhone is red. If it is, your ringer is off.

What is the iPhone text message sound called?

It’s amazing to think that the Tri-Tone sound wasn’t even intended to be used for communicating. Sound artist Kelly Jacklin describes the origin of the Tri-Tone warning on his blog. It’s an intriguing glimpse into the creative process that went into creating one of the most recognisable sounds in history.