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Thinnest Iphone X Case

Thinnest Iphone X Case

Thinnest Iphone X Case

The iPhone X is quite fragile. So when you’re looking for a case, you want something that will protect your phone without adding too much bulk. The ESR Thinnest iPhone X Case is the perfect solution. This case is only 0.5mm thick, but it still offers great protection against scratches and bumps.

With just.02 inches of thickness, it is easily one of the slimmest iPhone X cases out there. This slim case for the iPhone X is the name to conjure up, because ESR has created this slim case which does not add any bulk due to the thickness of 1mm. The super thin case is only 0.5mm thick, so you can slide the iPhone X quickly in your pockets.

Humixx has introduced a super-slim case that makes the iPhone look elegant. One option for those looking to keep that slim, smooth feel of your iPhone X, but also be protected against scratches and minor falls, is the super-slim cases. The Olixar Ultra-Thin Case was designed specifically for the iPhone X, so you can rest assured of having a super-thin protective case that stays firmly attached to the device.

The Olixar Ultra-Thin Case is designed to be ultra-slim and lightweight, while remaining durable — so you can rest assured this case will add almost no additional bulk to the iPhone X, so it can still easily fit into a pocket. This thin case is both ultra-slim and lightweight, providing enough protection for your iPhone X against scratches, regular falls, and impacts. In fact, the case passes the military drop-test standards, so it should make Apples still-fast-moving flagship iPhone in 2017 safer than most, but it looks great too, thanks not only to the metal frame mentioned above, but the back, which comes in your choice of ballistic nylon, black leather, carbon fiber, or wood. It is just a plain hard case made from polycarbonate, but it is thin, has well-defined button covers to keep buttons easily found and hit, big cutouts to accommodate most cables, and is made of non-slip materials, so it is unlikely that you will drop the phone.

Slim Case1mm
Slimmest Case0.2 inches
Super Thin Case0.5 mm
Thinnest Iphone X Case

Tozo claims that it is the thinnest hard shell case in the world for Apples still-fast flagship iPhone 2017, and while we cannot say if that is true or not, it is definitely super thin, measuring only 0.35mm thick. Dubbed the thinnest case ever, measuring in at only 0.35mm, this TOZO offering elegantly wraps around Apples new smartphone for protection. The Mophie Juice Pack Air might not be the prettiest case, but Specks Presidio Grip Case offers protection to Apples still-fast-moving flagship iPhone in 2017 from both back and sides, and a raised lip helps prevent your screen from hitting the floor. The Mophie Juice Pack Air might be one of the prettiest cases we have seen for the iPhone X to date, and its ultra-thin design means that the case should not cause much of a bulge in the pocket.

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Our guide to the best iPhone X cases is here to help you make sure that Apples still-fast-moving 2017 flagship iPhone looks and feels brand new: cases do more than just protect your pricey smartphone, but can come with an array of additional features like credit card holders or portable battery chargers. Now, without further ado, our picks for the best super-thin cases for Apples flagship handset. Just like the iPhone X, Apples official cases are exquisitely made. These cases do not provide as much protection as ultra-protective Otterbox cases, as well as the thicker Lifeproof, Defend, and other cases, but they do an excellent job at maintaining the feel and design of your iPhone Xs original.

Watch this video to see the thinnest iPhone x case unboxing and review

This clear case is clear, stays out of the way, and shows off the gorgeous iPhone X design. This case for iPhone X is wraps all around the phone, and has an elevated camera ring that provides added protection when laying down. The TORRAS is transparent from behind, so you can show off Apples new smartphone, all wrapped up in a bumper designed to take some falls. Made of a slim layer of glossy plastic, and thanks to it is affordable price, the hard case for iPhone X is our pick for an entry-level case.

X-level designed this slim, lightweight case specifically for iPhone X and iPhone Xs. Touch this slim, lightweight case, and you will feel its flexible TPU material and brushed surface; X-Level has used soft materials that make it easy to quickly put on and take off your case. The texture of this case is smooth, and you feel as though you are cuddling your childs skin as you wrap the phone around this case. Your design is printed at a high resolution on the back of the case using UV print technology.

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Tozos thin, Naked Case For iPhone X starts at $8.99, and comes in 7 colors, including one that features a transparent shell, which lets you see the iPhone Xs original design through to its rear. You are a proud iPhone X owner, and everybody deserves to know it; to this end, ESR has created a crystal-clear case that shows off the original iPhone Xs style. This slim and elegant Elago Origin Series Case The Elago Origin Series is unmatched when it comes to making an excellent match for your iPhone. The mujjo full leather wallet (open in new window) case is lavish and protective to the iPhone Xs face.

Spigen Thin Fit The Spigen Thin Fit (iPhone X) Case $14.99 at Spigen See it (Opens in a new window) For a bit more heft and protection than Spigens Air Skin, there is the Spigen Thin Fit (Opens in a new window). Incipio DualPro Sport Incipio DualPro Sport iPhone X Case $39.99 at Incipio Technologies See It (Opens in a new window) The enticing design of the Incipio Dual Pro Sport (Opens in a new window) masks that it has two layers of protection. Much like its car-focused counterpart, the Case-Mate Compact Mirror, the case has a clamshell design that folds down the front, protecting the iPhone X. Totallees Ultra Thin Leather cases are not as slim as others, and they do carry some heft, but still manage a good job at maintaining an iPhone Xs super-sleek form factor. Totallees Ultra Thin Leather Case costs $24.99.

What is thinnest otterbox?

Relative to Otterbox’s heavy Defender cases, the Symmetry and Commuter cases are both lighter and smaller. For either case, a built-in screen protector is not offered. With a thickness of just 0.6 millimetres, the Otterbox Pursuit is the thinnest of the four cases.

Do thin cases protect iPhone?

The main thing to watch out for when buying a cheap case is that. If the phone is dropped straight on a corner or its face, a thin iPhone case like this one won’t be able to protect it. A case like this one, though, with extra padding at the corners, most likely will. Not all legal proceedings are intended to provide protection.

Which Casetify case is the thinnest?

You won’t even notice you are wearing an iPhone X case because our skin case is so thin—only 0.45mm—and minimal. For your buttons, charging ports, and speakers, precise cuts have been made in the ultra-slim design.