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Transfer Icloud Contacts To Google

Transfer Icloud Contacts To Google

Transfer Icloud Contacts To Google

To transfer contacts from iCloud to Google, On your computer, go to and sign in with your Apple ID. From the iCloud homepage, click on the “Contacts” icon. Then, click on the gear icon in the lower-left corner and select “Export vCard.” This will export your contacts into a single .vcf file.

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Shares may come in handy when you need to give contact information of another person to your friends or family, or on your Gmail account/Android device, just in case you do not want to merge contact lists in iCloud and Google. Before you get into the process of copying contacts from iCloud to your Google/Gmail account, it is really important to make sure that all of your contacts are in the same place, which is something that you can ensure once contact sync is enabled. When you sync iPhone contacts with Gmail, your Google and iCloud accounts will both have the same amount of contacts and contact information at all times, even if you add a new one to your iPhone.

Now that your existing iPhone contacts are moved over to Google, you can keep them synced easily to your Google account. If you frequently switch between your mobile phones between platforms — iOS and Android — then syncing your contacts only with this one Google account will be helpful. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and import your iPhone contacts to your Gmail contacts, which then sync to your new device.

Another great reason for migrating your iPhone contacts into Gmail would be to ensure a backup of all of your iPhone contacts is available on a different, safe service (Gmail, which is supported by Google). If you do not want to use Google Drives iPhone app, you can also take advantage of iCloud to export existing iPhone contacts to Google, as shown below. The Google Drive iPhone app allows you to back up contacts, calendar events, as well as photos and videos from the iPhone to Google.

If you do not want to add a Gmail account on the iPhone, you can sync your iPhone contacts with iCloud, download contacts from iCloud to a computer as.VCF files, and import that file to your Gmail account. If you do not want to add that Google account on your Mac, you can create a VCard (VCF) of contacts from your iCloud using the Contacts App on Mac, then import that file to your Google contacts. Now you have a exported vCard file of your iCloud contacts, you could move your iCloud contacts over to Google by following the steps below.

Watch this video to learn about transferring iCloud contacts to your Gmail account

Once you add your Gmail account on iPhone, you could transfer your iCloud contacts to Google by following the steps below. Once enabled, your iPhone will be connected to the Gmail account, meaning that your contacts will now be synced with the iPhone. Enabling the Contacts switch will sync existing Google contacts, including contacts added by iPhone, to the iPhone, but it will not sync recently added contacts from the iPhone back to Google.

StepsTransfer iCloud Contacts To Google
iCloud.comOn your computer, go to and sign in with your Apple ID
ContactsFrom the iCloud homepage, click on the “Contacts” icon
Export vCardThen, click on the gear icon in the lower-left corner and select “Export vCard.” This will export your contacts into a single .vcf file
Steps To Transfer iCloud Contacts To Google.

Also, if you delete a Contact from your iPhone or Mac, that will disappear from Google as well as your Android phone or iPhone, where you are using that Google account. Deleting from my iPhone only deletes contacts from my iPhone, but keeps them saved in iCloud and on your other Apple devices. All of your contacts in iCloud and your iPhone will be synced across the two platforms, meaning newly added contacts on the iPhone will get uploaded to iCloud, and ones saved in iCloud will get downloaded on your iPhone.

This also makes sure that when you set up a new iPhone or any other Apple device, contacts are automatically downloaded onto that device from the iCloud service. Once you have synced all your contacts into iCloud, then you need to export them into a format that will be accepted by Google. Transferring your contacts data from iCloud to Google involves two processes, one is to export your contacts data from iCloud, the other is to import your data files into Gmail.

You are switching from an iPhone to an Android, and you are looking for a way to import contacts from your iPhone into Gmail. Select either CSV or VCard files that you have just exported from your iPhone > Tap on Import to save your contacts from your iPhone to Google. Click on the More button (it is on top of the page, above your contacts, or on the left-hand column if you are using a preview of Gmails new contacts interface), choose Import, and then choose your CSV or vCard file.

When your file is selected, your iCloud contacts, click on the Import option within the dialog box to finish importing. Open up any browser and go to your Google contacts > Select the contacts that you would like synced to iCloud > Click the More button > Then choose Export. When the Contacts app opens, choose the All in iCloud tab in the left-hand sidebar, then choose the contacts you would like to export in the next pane.

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Open your My iCloud account online, click on the large, red “Mail” header at the top-left corner of the page, and select “Contacts” from the drop-down menu. Now, return to the main Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen, tap on your Gmail account (or, if you have not done that yet, tap on Add Account and sign in), and flip the toggle next to Contacts. Simply click on the Contacts menu, choose Accounts, click on (or add) My iCloud Account, and then toggle the option for Contacts.

From the contacts screen, click on the gear icon at the bottom-left corner > Click on Select All if you would like to export all contacts. The Contacts app will now begin importing the contacts that you exported from iCloud and adding them to your Android device. You will now be greeted by a dialog box asking you to upload either a VCard or a CSV file in order to import contacts into your iCloud account.

Click on the “Choose file” button, choose the vCard you downloaded from iCloud, hit the “Import” blue button, and, voila–all of your iCloud contacts are now in Gmail. The iCloud apps include Photos, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud Drive, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Find My iPhone. If you add that Google account on an iPhone or Mac, or an Android phone, those contacts automatically show up in your Contacts app on iOS or Android.

Things to Remember A You will have to make sure your Google account has been granted permission to sync contacts to your Android device. Google will also allow you to combine duplicate contacts, and this option also appears once imported. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (macOS) to select all contacts.

Can Icloud contacts be synced directly to Google contacts on an Android?

Syncing your contacts with your Google account is the simplest way to move them from your iPhone to an Android device. Go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts > Gmail on your iPhone and turn Contacts on. Your Google account will sync these contacts, which your Android device will do automatically.

How do I transfer my iCloud contacts to Google?

To transfer your iCloud contacts to Google, go to the iCloud website and export your contacts as a vCard file. Then, go to the Google Contacts website and import the vCard file. Your iCloud contacts will be added to your Google account.

Will transferring my iCloud contacts to Google delete them from iCloud?

No, transferring your iCloud contacts to Google will not delete them from iCloud. However, any changes you make to your contacts on Google will not be reflected in iCloud, and vice versa.

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