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Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working

Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working

Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working

Open the Watch app on your ‌iPhone‌ > Select Passcode > Turn Passcode Off. Here they’ll ask to enter your passcode to confirm. After finished these steps, reboot your Apple watch and iPhone. Then turn on normally and re-enable the passcode setting.

To turn this on, open your iPhones Settings app, and then find the Face ID and Passcode option. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, choose Face ID & Passcode, enter the passcode, and tap Reset Face ID. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, and under Watch, choose Passcode -> Turn Off Passcode. To turn on wrist tracking, head into the Watch app on your iPhone — Settings — Passcode — Wrist tracking.

Your Apple Watch has Passcode Enabled Once you have enabled this feature, your iPhone unlocks automatically using the Apple Watch next time you put on your face covering. Unlocking means that you must wear a face mask or something that partially covers your face. This may create a further step if the iPhone is confirmed as having been unlocked by the Watch accidentally.

Some users found disabling this function and then rebooting both devices made unlocking on your iPhone work. Some have been unable to configure the unlock function on iPhone 13, and others are getting an Cannot talk to the Apple Watch error message when trying to unlock iPhone 13 when wearing a facemask. Many iPhone 13 users were not able to use the feature with theirs after upgrading from a previous phone.

Watch this video to learn how to Enable the function Unlock with Apple Watch

Many iPhone 13 users experienced this problem, and Apple has since addressed it and fixed it. We researched the problem and found out that Apple has already detected the problem and mentioned the cause in its official site.

According to a member in a thread, Apple support has not been able to resolve the new bug, and is not sure about the reason. The conversation around this is starting to bubble up in the Apple support forums, too.

It is unclear when Apple is going to roll out an update that fixes the software bug, nor is it clear which iOS version will be coming with it. Apple has already addressed this problem, and says it is the final fix only when you upgrade to iOS 15.0.1 right now.

Watch appOpen the Watch app on your ‌iPhone‌
Select Passcode Select Passcode and Turn Passcode Off
EnterEnter your passcode to confirm
RebootReboot your Apple watch and iPhone
Re-enable the Passcode SettingThen turn on normally and re-enable the passcode setting
Steps required to solve the error “Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working.”

If neither of the fixes above works, then it is time to factory reset the iPhone. If none of the fixes above worked for you, it is very possible that you will need to wait until Apple fixes anything that went wrong with an upcoming update. If you are having trouble using the feature, try out these short-cut fixes listed below.

There may be another issue at hand, and only Apple support can provide assistance in this case. Apple has been working on fixing similar unlock issues between the iPhone and the Apple Watch in recent versions of iOS 14.5, so we are hoping we will see the fix either with the next software update for iOS 14, or when iOS 15 is released in September. If none of the solutions above worked in solving the problem of Unlocking Face ID-equipped iPhones without an Apple Watch working, then it is time to wipe your Apple Watch clean and re-pair the Apple Watch to the iPhone.

Once done, press the Side Button until the screen goes black on the iPhone that has the Face ID installed, and Apples logo appears. After some time, boot up the iPhone again by holding the side button long. Next, go back to the Watch Face, slide to open iPhones Control Center, then toggle Airplane Mode on and off. Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to open the iPhones Control Center.

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If your iPhone is connected, you will see the green Phone icon on top of the screen. If you do not see the green iPhone icon, it is worth checking to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone (Settings->Bluetooth) and the Apple Watch is shown as connected on My Devices. Preferences – > Security shows that both TouchID and Watch are enabled.

Instead of looking at the facial recognition camera sensor on an iPhone, the Watch, which is in your immediate vicinity and is unlocked, unlocks your iPhone. Instead of users having to manually type in a password to unlock the phone, Face ID uses an Apple Watch to verify a users identity and unlock the phone, with no masks or screens needing to be dropped.

You can even set up a secondary Face ID – this way, you are double-counting the chances that you will be the one to unlock their iPhone. Of course, this new feature is available to only iPhones equipped with a Face ID module. Perhaps you have forgotten an important requirement, or maybe your iPhone model or software version is not compatible with this brand-new feature.

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If you find yourself locking up your iPhone when trying to unlock it, you can easily remedy this by using the FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker. If everything has not worked yet, try disabling unlocking in Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Tap on Lock icon > Enter Mac Password > uncheck the box next to Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and Mac. Once you have successfully gotten the wrist-worn device to unlock the iPhone, this new Apple Watch feature starts working even when your watchs screen is asleep.

On Friday, users on Reddit is r/AppleWatch forum started reporting seeing this issue, with some saying that they were able to use the unlock function of Watch on other iPhone models, including iPhone 11 Max. In Face ID Unlock With Mask using the Apple Watch feature update, several users of Apple Watch reported experiencing the same issue with their iPhones when enabling the option for using the Apple Watch to unlock iPhones when Face ID is detected. The error is currently blocking iPhone 13 users Face ID unlocking using the Apple Watch from working.

On September 24, Apple released the iOS 15 update to iPhone 13 devices, which fixed bugs related to Apple Music and Home Screen widgets. Navigate to Watch apps on an iPhone with Face ID —> General —> Reset —> Delete All Content and Settings.

Why did unlock with Apple Watch stop working?

Check for updates first if you can’t use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone. After that, turn off and then back on the wrist recognition and Apple Watch unlocking features, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Reset your network settings and unpair your devices if the problem continues.

Why is unlock with watch not working?

It is possible to unlock using an Apple Watch Make sure the relevant settings are enabled on your iPhone if other settings are accurate but you still aren’t able to unlock your iPhone using an Apple Watch. To turn on Unlock with Apple Watch, go to Settings Face ID & Passcode.

Why is unlock with Apple Watch not working on Mac?

If you’re having trouble getting Auto Unlock to work, Deselect “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac” in Security & Privacy preferences. Restart your Mac and re-enable this setting. Check to see if your Mac is using Internet sharing or screen sharing.