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Unpair Apple Watch Without Phone

Unpair Apple Watch Without Phone

Unpair Apple Watch Without Phone

Want to know how to Unpair Apple Watch Without a Phone? Just press and hold the side button of your apple watch. Firm and long press on power off and slide it off. Tap and erase all content in the setting. This is a simple way to unpair your apple watch when you have no access to your iPhone.

Tap on the Info icon (encircled with a lowercase I) next to the watch you wish to detach. Select My Watches tab, then tap All watches on top of screen Wipe i Info button next to watch name you want to unpair. Tap Apple Watch unpair For Apple Watches that have GPS and cellular services, select Keep or Remove your portable plans. For GPS+cellular models, choose Keep Plan Remove Plan Tap Wipe All to confirm action. For Cellular models, choose Keep or Remove cellular plan from the watch.

Info iconTap on the Info icon
My Watches Tab Select My Watches tab
All WatchesThen tap All watches on top of screen Wipe I Info button next to watch name you want to unpair
Apple Watch UnpairTap Apple Watch unpair For Apple Watches that have GPS and cellular services
Remove Portable Select Keep or Remove your portable plans
Steps Required To Unpair Apple Watch Without Phone.

If you are using GPS or cellular, it will prompt you whether to remove or retain your cellular plan. If you do not intend on pairing it to another watch or an iPhone, you may have to contact your carrier to cancel your cellular plan. You can also retain or cancel cellular plans if you now have GPS + Cellular on the device, just swipe down again and choose Erase All/Erase All and Keep Plans; there is a choice there.

Once you select your plan, your iPhone will prompt you to sign in using your Apple ID and password. You might have to enter your Apple ID password to verify the process. Once you are done following along, the last step is to type in the Apple ID password.

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Once you complete that, your screen should show a message saying that your Apple ID password has been removed. If you are signed in with the same Apple ID that is on your iPhone, you will see a message telling you are disconnected. Once you tap, you will see a list of any watches connected to your iPhone. Tap on the i (Information) button located near the name of your watch.

If you do not wish to re-pair the Apple Watch with an iPhone, remove the Plan Tap confirm that you wish to re-pair when asked, Type in your Apple ID password to turn off the Apple Activation Lock. When re-pairing, Apple will automatically make a backup of your Apple Watch. Tap to confirm unpair Enter your Apple ID password to unlock iCloud Activation Lock on the watch. If you unpair an Apple Watch without an iPhone, you still have to turn off Activation Lock function before you can sell or give your Apple Watch. Resetting it erases all data, media, and settings, but it does not remove Activation Lock, which prevents anyone from using the device except for you.

If you need to do a factory reset of a wearable, but you do not have an iPhone handy, you can do so from your wearable (but keep in mind that it will not be able to make a new backup). If you are planning on upgrading iPhones after your reconnection process, back up the older phones. If you want to keep the backup up-to-date, be sure to use your iPhone Watch app for unpairing. If you do the unpair without the iPhone, any data that was previously not backed up will be lost.

Watch this video to learn how can you unpair Apple watch without iPhone

As long as you are using the Watch app on the iPhone that is in its pairing, then you do not lose any data, since it makes full backups of all of your data. You will need to unpair and restore all data off of Watch first in order to save that on a completely new iPhone. Unpairing the Apple Watch means returning the Watch to the factory settings and wiping out all the data, but you create a backup of data if you perform this process with the iPhone, or else data can be lost. Unpairing your Apple Watch on the Watch iPhone app automatically syncs and backs up the latest data from your smartwatch, then restores it to its factory settings.

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Once backup is completed, your Apple Watch will begin to be unpaired by your iPhone, and any data that is stored on your Watch, such as the devices Bluetooth history, Apple Pay, passwords, and more, will be deleted. Once you are done setting up the new iPhone, you can restore the backups and delete all of the information on your old phone. When unpairing from your iPhone, you will be given an option to remove all data from the Apple Watch, including Find My Device, activation locks, and account info. Before getting started, be sure to head over to Apples iCloud site, and use Find My to either mark its associated iPhone as lost, or to erase it remotely.

When you detach the Apple Watch, Apple does not wipe, remove, or remove any messages stored on the iPhone, in iCloud, or any other device that uses the same Apple ID as the Apple Watch. When your Apple Watch is done, it unpairs from your current iPhone, deletes any active Bluetooth accessory pairings, deletes any Apple Pay cards used on your Apple Watch, and wipes your password. When you no longer have your iPhone, you must remove it manually from the activation block by Apple. You will need Enter if you wish to disable features like the activation lock guard and Find my Watch.

You need to have your Apple ID and password on hand in order to restore your stolen watch. The owner can find its location using the Find My App, and report the stolen watch to authorities. The screen must be turned off, and then rebooted, with the Apple logo centering on the face of the watch.

Unpair does not create a backup automatically, since your iPhone is not physically nearby or connected. Like the methods described previously, Unpair does not require your iPhone to be on you. Let us explore how to unpair the Apple Watch even more, using the combined iPhone, without an iPhone, or, by the way, without ever getting near your watch or cell phone. Unpaired watches can also let you look up information, locate devices, and find people via the Internet.

Can you Unpair watch without iPhone?

If you don’t have your iPhone, you can use your iCloud account to unpair an Apple Watch. If you don’t have the iPhone with which your watch is paired, you must remove the Activation Lock via your iCloud account to pair it easily with a new phone.