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Washed Airpods Pro

Washed Airpods Pro

Washed Airpods Pro

As unbelievable as it may seem, airpods can survive through a wash if certain protocol is followed. They shouldn’t be allowed to stay in water for long, should be properly shaken afterwards to get excess water out, cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth, and left in a drying solution for a while.

If you have AppleCare+, you can have the AirPods repaired at a cost of $29 for each earbud. If you do wash Apples AirPods along with their cases, and eventually need to replace them, AppleCare+ membership gets you replacement headphones and cases for $29.

Another good reason to subscribe to AppleCare+ is that it will cover replacing both the case and our airpods, or either one, if for any reason the airpods require new batteries, this is covered too. With the AppleCare+ 2-year coverage plan, you will get Apple to replace or repair your AirPods, and there is no expensive out-of-warranty charge. If the AirPods and/or its cases are already water damaged past the initial warranty, and you paid the price of a two-year AppleCare+ protection plan, there is still hope.

While Apple is yet to introduce water-resistant airpods, it does make it possible to keep the AirPods or AirPods Pro dry. Apple recommends that you dry out your AirPods Pro completely before using it again, or keeping it in its charging case. Leave the AirPods where they are not exposed to cold weather, which will help speed the natural drying process.

Learn how to remove water from AirPods Pro 

If you want to get the AirPods Pro to dry faster, leave the cover on and store the body in the reverse position. If you are having problems getting the AirPods to power on, be sure that they are properly placed inside the case, and the lid is closed tight. Once the LED lights inside the case are turning white, your AirPods are powered and ready for use. You can check your AirPods battery life by opening the case near your iPhone.

Shaking your AirPods to remove any extra waterIf your AirPods get soaked in Water, then the first thing to do is to start shaking them hardly to remove any extra water from them so that the don’t stay wet for too long because they are made to be moderately waterproof and splash proof
Dry Them and Soak ThemNext thing to do is to dry them with a microfiber towel and then letting them soak in a straightforward drying solution to completely remove water from them so that they can start working like before
What to do if your accidently washed AirPods.

If water is present in your AirPods, pat them dry gently with a soft cloth. Dab away any water that you see with a dry cloth, and then let your AirPods airdry outside for several hours for the most efficient process.

Do not use them while they are left to dry, because that could negatively affect the water within and result in a complete shutdown. It is also recommended to leave airpods to dry out for at least two hours after cleaning any water from the airpods you can see. If you accidentally do clean out your AirPods, the best, fastest solution is to just rub out all of the visible water, then let your AirPods dry out for several hours.

Air drying is a common method of getting water off of AirPods that got saturated in a washer. Water can get into your AirPods, it probably will as well; the dilemma now is how do we get our AirPods dried and what do you do when washing an AirPod. If you notice your AirPods picked up quite a bit of water since washing, then you want to start working on drying them out ASAP. If your AirPods have accidentally made it through the wash, take your AirPods out of their cases and dry the whole thing out with a cloth or paper towel.

If you have accidentally washed your AirPods, towel dry as much as you can. Try and dry the AirPods Pro out ASAP using a soft, dry, and lint-free cloth, like a microfiber towel. Silica gel dries airPods quicker than the air, so it is likely that you will already have your airpods dry within one day.

With dispersal, you will want to keep an eye on your AirPods to ensure that they are not getting too hot while they are sitting out in the heat; you want to keep them dry, not toasty. Now, users, take note, you do not want to get some ricey bits on your housing or in your AirPods, so do not drop them into rice if they are too wet, and also use this next step as a last resort.

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One nice thing about having AirPods in a case (if you have accidentally dropped them in the wash and are fortunate enough to have one on), is it can help to hold back the water. Make a habit of keeping your unused Airpods inside a case, as the latter can keep the water from damaging it any more.

Putting damp AirPods in the charging case can cause further damage to the case. Powering wet AirPods from the charging case can result in a short, eventually ruining your audio accessories. Once Apple AirPods are washed, there is really no way to notice damage done, particularly if they do not turn on.

The Apple third-generation AirPods can handle a little bit of water, like the sweat dripping, but anything more than that is going to harm the device. AirPods Pros are resistant to water and sweat, meaning that the AirPods Pros can survive splashes. Your AirPods will still work fine outdoors, no matter what the weather is, and that may sometimes mean they can even survive a trip in the washing machine. If you have got your AirPods stuffed into your pocket, you may find your AirPods perform well after being washed (a pair of jeans, or inside your jackets pocket, can be really snug, and may be great at keeping water out of the AirPods).

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AirPods have a lower, but still notable IP waterproofing rating of IPX4 — lower means that they are water-resistant against sweat and squirts, which may be good enough for you to put through a wash. The best place to keep an AirPod is in a cool, dry area that has gentle airflow. Most AirPod models are not water-resistant, and none are waterproof, so you will have to use caution around water, including sweat. This is entirely on your own, and although Apple does sell gadgets that have water-resistance ratings, the AirPods Pro are only rated IPX4, meaning that you can sweat pure lab water on them, but not much else. Your AirPods Pro, AirPods (3rd Gen) and the AirPods (3rd Gen) MagSafe charging case are all water-resistant and sweat-resistant, but not waterproof or sweatproof.

Is AirPods waterproof?

In terms of electronics, the concept of “waterproof” doesn’t even exist. Simply because water and electronics never get along. Even if a lot of consumers believe they are. The unintentional washing and drying of AirPods by consumers frequently occur with no issues. However, according to Apple, tiny Bluetooth devices are not waterproof.

What happens if I accidentally washed my Airpod pros?

Airpods can withstand a trip through the washer if they don’t stay wet for too long because they are made to be moderately waterproof and splashproof. Shaking your AirPods to remove any extra water, drying them with a microfiber towel, and letting them soak in a straightforward drying solution are the two safest ways to fix them.

Why do my Airpod pros keep screeching?

Airpods can withstand a trip through the washer if they don’t stay wet for too long because they are made to be moderately waterproof and splashproof. Shaking your AirPods to remove any extra water, drying them with a microfiber towel, and letting them soak in a straightforward drying solution are the two safest ways to fix them.

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