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What Happened After Eve Ate The Apple

What Happened After Eve Ate The Apple

What Happened After Eve Ate The Apple

Our forefathers, Adam and Eve, are described in the Old Testament. The snake (the devil) persuaded them to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge when they were living in paradise, where they were completely innocent. They were exiled from Paradise by God as retribution for their transgression.

The fruits were, therefore, to be eaten.2 However, I am not suggesting this is why Eve knew that the fruits were to be eaten. It is entirely possible an animal, possibly even the serpent, took a portion of the fruit and ate it before Eve did, so Eve could see the fruit was good to eat. When Eve saw that this tree was good for food, and was pleasing to the eyes, and was the kind of tree desirable for making a man wise, she took of its fruit and ate. Eve picked fruit and ate, and gave some of it to the men for eating also.

Eve told Adam the serpent had eaten the fruit, and that there was nothing bad about the fruit. Eve thought that the fruit would make her wise, as the serpent said that it would. Eve was not remembering Gods words, but she was paying attention to something else regarding the fruit. Satan (disguised as the serpent) told Eve she would not die for eating the fruit, her eyes would be opened to see good and evil.

God did not fully warn Adam and Eve of the tree, for God did not tell Adam and Eve that only by His judgement they would either die or eat of the fruit. God said Adam and Eve could eat of any fruit of any of the trees of Eden, with the exception of the tree which contained knowledge of good and evil. The permission implied that men and women were allowed to eat the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge because that was their only means to prolong life in our world. The story of Adam and Eve eating of forbidden fruit, a main theme of the Torahs section on the forbidding fruit this week, “Adam and Eves Eating of Forbidden Fruit,” is probably the best known of biblical stories. Warning from God to refrain from eating fruits from the tree of knowledge, which is located in the middle of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ignored Gods commands.

When Adam and Eve give into their prideful desires to become like God and eat the forbidden fruit, they suffer banishment from the Garden of Eden. The death that Adam and Eve experienced by eating the forbidden fruit was an immediate disconnection from God. They also experienced bodily death as a result of their disobedient actions. The third kind of death is eternal death–permanent separation of humankind from God. Some interpreters argue that Adam and Eve did indeed die when they ate the forbidden fruit, but their death was spiritual rather than physical. Death was a warning by God, prior to the Great Fall, and a loss of innocence for mankind.

Gods fallen angel, who took the form of a serpent, had lied to Eve, that the whole creation of God would fall, as did Satan. In Adams defense, Adam fell to the Earth in Eves favor, in spite of the warnings from God. Before Adam and Eve can answer how she knew she was naked, God asked him if she was going to eat a forbidden fruit.

Watch this video to know why didn’t adam and eve die the day they ate the fruit

God sent the man to sleep, and took one of his ribs, forming it into a woman, who was Adams wife. The man showed faith in Gods promise of saving him by calling his wife Eve, meaning the mother of all life. After the Fall, Adam named his wife Eve (which means living in Hebrew) the mother of all living, and progenitor of all humanity.

After Eves creation, Adam and Eve were instructed by God to give Eve instructions on how to tend the Garden of Eden, with God warning against eating from the tree of knowledge. Because the woman sought wisdom, she ate of the fruits of the Tree, giving some to Adam for him to eat as well. In any case, it is probable that Eve saw something by eating this fruit, so that it would be firmly established to her that this was a food, desirable to obtain wisdom.

Eve, having learned of the spiritual importance of forbidden fruit from the tempter, was swept up by her craving to eat it. Eve repeated to the Tempter that men and women are instructed not to touch or eat forbidden fruits. When men and women ate of the fruit, their spiritual eyes were opened, and they consequently became conscious of their external appearance–they were naked.

Realizing that YETZER HARA, evil tendencies, were not a part of Adam and Eves psychological makeup, they felt imperfect about their ability to serve God as sublimely as they could. In fact, Adam and Eve were already made in the image of God, and had Gods blessings to do well. The lesson to us today is that when God prohibits something, it is for our good.

Since there was no sin, there is no point to speculating about what might have happened. Adam and Eve did not die physically at the time of eating the fruit, but both ultimately died. Yet Adam continued to eat from a tree that was not meant for him, even after hearing Gods reproach.

Adam, in turn, ate fruit, as Adam did not believe that he could take life without Eve. Eve further declares that God made it more desirable because he had forbidden the fruit. One might suggest the fruit was not edible (inedible).

Significance Implied If men and women had never rebelled against Gods commands, Eve, and the female children born of Eve afterward, would have experienced none of the labor pangs and labor pains that were common to them during pregnancy and labor. Eve claims that the serpent tricked her, although she did not die, nor did she receive knowledge.

What did Eve wrong?

In the middle of the garden, Eve eats some of the fruit. Her action amounts to “Disobedience.” Adam had been forbidden from eating that fruit by God. Eve received a message from Adam, but she still ate and handed some to Adam.

What did Eve do after she ate the fruit?

There was a forbidden fruit on the table that Eve picked and ate. Her husband was also with her, so he ate the fruit. As a result of opening their eyes, their innocence ended. After the expulsion from the garden, they have driven away from God and His presence, leading them to run from Him and His company.

Why did Eve eat the apple?

Adam and Eve are our ancestors, according to the Old Testament. As long as they didn’t eat the forbidden fruit, they lived in paradise in complete innocence. They were banished from Paradise by God as punishment for their disobedience.