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When You Unblock Someone On Iphone What Happens

When You Unblock Someone On Iphone What Happens

when you unblock someone on iphone what happens

Unblocking someone from iPhone will allow the unblocked person to text you messages, but you will not receive the messages that were sent when that iPhone was blocked, because iPhone discarded the message inAstantly as you receive them when iPhone is blocked.

When you unlock someones iPhone, that persons SMS messages will come through to you, as well as that person being able to call your number. The reason why I am saying that is that, usually, people assume when they unblock someone on iPhone, that they are going to get blocked SMS texts or IMessages from this same contact, but this is not true. It is also super important to keep in mind that while once you have unblocked a phone number on your device, you can get text messages from it going forward, you cannot see any of the text messages from the time when that user was blocked.

The only thing that is going to happen is on your end, you are not going to get any type of communication from anyone, including calls and text messages. Once this is done, this caller will be unable to reach you at this number, whether it is through text message or a phone call. If you do block someone, be sure that you include both a number and a caller ID.

If you unblock the contact, any texts sent to them when blocked will not be received and sent back to them since they are already blocked. During the period that you block a person or a number, you will not be able to see any messages or texts you have received from that person. The person who initially sent the messages or texts will still be able to see the messages that they sent to you, but you will not even know they sent them.

That is, someone will still be able to reach out to you over FaceTime. If you do accidentally block someone in the messaging app, particularly if your iPhone is running iOS 15 or later, FaceTime calls will not be blocked. While the number that you blocked cannot contact you through phone, FaceTime, or text, the caller is still able to leave a voicemail. Once blocked, a caller cannot leave any type of message on your iPhone, be it iMessage or SMS.

When you block someone, you can no longer send them any type of message or call. No, while the contact is blocked, no messages or calls will be delivered at your end, and they will say “Not Delivered” in messages, and calls will not get returned. Messages that someone sent to you when they were blocked still never get delivered, nor do they automatically begin following you back.

Find out if Can you get someone’s messages on an iPhone after unblocking them

The only way that person could know you unblocked them is that you might respond to their messages or pick up on their calls, something you did not do previously since you blocked them. Depending on your settings, if you open a conversation and they send you a message because you unblocked them, someone can see you have read their messages. If you change your mind and you want to see messages from this person on your iPhone, you can unblock the number to begin receiving their messages again.

This means that you cannot see any messages that were blocked before, but you can unblock a caller and begin receiving messages again in the future, all in just a few taps. Once you have blocked a message on your iPhone, it is the last one, unless you unblock somebody and that person sends a message back to your phone. You will not receive messages once you have unblocked someone on your phone, instead, you can ask the person to send blocked messages back to your phone.

It is important to note that the person or number that you blocked might still think that you got the messages, and simply ignore them, unless you told them that, or they realized you blocked them. Now, if someone tried to send you an IM message, saw it did not go through, and then found you blocked their contact from your phone, he or she might have done the same thing to you, or probably stopped sharing locations with you.

Similar to what was said earlier about someone being able to make calls and text messages to you, you will find out that when they try to make calls to you, rather than having their calls go through your voicemail, they will go through and you can pick up the phone. Now that you have unblocked another persons number, you will wonder whether or not you will be able to see old text messages the phone number sent you when it was blocked.

Based on what I understand (because this has happened to me before), unless you have voicemail, you will still be able to see if a blocked number has reached out to you, as they will still show up on your recent calls. If you blocked a person pretty recently, you may still see them on your recent calls list. Your iPhone does not alert you to missed calls, or even a new voicemail, but a message does show up in your Voicemail list. When a blocked number attempts to call you, your iPhone routes it right to your voicemail, not alerting you of this new message.

When you unlock your blocked phone, contacts will unblock themselves automatically for texts. If a blocked number is on iOS, it may not even see delivered notes on its Messages app – although they may see that your chat bubble turns from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS). Blocking does not stop anyone from trying to contact you — and they do not receive any notifications about being blocked, so they may begin to wonder why you are not responding to their messages.

When you unblock someone on iPhone, do their messages come in?

You won’t get calls or messages from the blocked number while your phone is blocked. There is no way to access any texts that an individual may have sent you while their phone number was blocked. If you choose to unblock a certain number, you will start getting calls and messages.

Do you get texts after you unblock someone?

No calls or texts from the blocked number will reach your phone while it is blocked. Any texts that individual may have sent you while their phone number was blocked are therefore impossible for you to access. If you choose to unblock a number, calls and messages will now start to come through from that point on.

Can you tell if your texts are blocked on iPhone?

Here’s a nice tip for determining whether you’ve been blocked on iMessage: Before you assume you’ve been blocked, look under the last text you sent. The absence of the word “Delivered” under the message bubble in the most recent iMessage may indicate that you have been blocked.