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Why Am I Not Getting Notifications On My Apple Watch

Why Am I Not Getting Notifications On My Apple Watch

Why Am I Not Getting Notifications On My Apple Watch

Facing the issue of Not Getting Notifications On Apple Watch. Just check out your internet connection is stable and connected on your Apple watch. To check your connection, open Control Center and see if there is a red iPhone icon. That means Wi-Fi is disconnected on Apple watch.

You can find the notes above near the top of the notifications menu on the Watch app on your iPhone, and I am fairly certain that one of these could be why you are not getting notifications on the Apple Watch. Head to the Watch app on your iPhone —>My watch tab in the lower-left portion of your screen —>Notifications. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone – tap the My Watch tab, tap on Notifications, then tap Apps.

To do this, tap Notification Groupings (Watch App -> Notifications) and then select Off, Automatic, or By App. If you would like the notification settings in Watch apps to mirror those in your iPhone, tap Mirror on iPhone. Note that there are some apps with different notification options, such as Mirror my iPhone for Messages and Calendar. Users can tap a notification to be taken to the app which raised the respective notification.

You will have to locate a particular app and open Settings to see whether notifications authorization has been disabled. Next, choose the app, then adjust notifications according to your needs. Now, select an app which does not send you notifications and choose Allow notifications option.

You cannot use the previous steps to enable notifications again if this is the case. If this is the case, it is possible you may have messed up the notification settings and turned alerts off for the program in question. You might have tinkered with your paired iPhones notification settings and stopped some apps from sending alert notifications to the Apple Watch. If you are wearing My Watch, but you are not getting any notifications, it could be an issue with the sensors.

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If Haptic Notifications is enabled on the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch will tap your wrist when you get a notification, but if that option is turned off, it could cause issues with notifications. The Mirror my iPhone option for Apple Watch is used for mirroring notifications or behaviors from the iPhone on Apple Watch, and if said option is disabled for the Apple Watch, it might result in its current problem.

Remove and ReinstallIf you are still not getting notifications from specific apps on the WatchOS device, remove and reinstall these problem apps
RebootPerform a force reboot on your iPhone
RestartRestarting your iPhone can also fix the notification problem on iPhone
Solutions to notifications not showing up on iPhone problem.

Now, ensure that Mirror My iPhone is enabled for the problem application, and then, verify whether Apple Watch notifications started appearing. Make sure you check the Watch after every step to make sure notifications are starting to work. Make sure that you are set up for messaging notifications; in short, make sure that everything is turned on, to avoid missing out on anything.

On the iPhone, go into Settings > Do Not Disturb > Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off. On your phone, you can head over to Settings > Do Not Disturb to adjust the settings.

Also disable Do Not Disturb by going to your Watch iPhone app, My watch > Sounds and Haptics, then turning Cover To Silence Off. You can toggle off Cover to Mute from within the Watch app by going to My Watch > Sounds & Haptics.

If you chose to use Custom Settings, make sure Allow notifications, sounds, haptics is enabled (according to your preferences). Check your notification settings for the Apple Watch are configured properly, so you get notifications via haptic feedback, and also through your message on the iPhone. You can check the settings for notifications by going to Settings > Notifications.

Learn how to solve the Apple Watch not showing alerts by watching this video

It can be frustrating when you do not receive notifications on your watch. There are times where you cannot keep checking your phone over and over, so why not sync with your watch and have all your notifications right there. Your watch just gets notifications, which show on the phones lock screen as well.

If your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, your watch does not receive notifications from your phone. If your Apple Watch or iPhone in combination is set to Do Not Disturb (recently rebranded Focus), it might prevent the Apple Watch from showing notifications, since the devices are trying not to disturb you with notifications.

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In a nutshell, if you set your iPhone Calendar app to alert you for upcoming events only, then only the notifications of upcoming calendar events will be visible on Apple Watch. In other words, if you set up the iPhone Mail app to notify only Office emails, you can see only Office email notifications on Apple Watch. User Issues My Watch is set up to mirror my iPhone for notifications from Mail and messages, but my Watch does not receive any.

If it is not, see if turning off your other messaging-related devices, such as your MacBook (except your iPhone and Apple Watch), fixes the notifications problem for it. You should be aware of the notification working across those devices before trying to find the solution for your problem.

In case, if the Apple Watch is unable to display notifications, you will feel that there is something missing or the time is up on something important, such as if a rival Facebook Chat user is not online while you are seeing recent alerts, and also if Calendar events are not getting received in AW, you may lose things such as meeting participation, etc. For example, get notifications alerts on iPhone in an unlocked screen or sleep mode. Keep in mind, when you dismiss any notification on the watch, it disappears from the iPhone automatically as well. If this does not work, see if setting your apps notifications to repeat alerts within the Watch app fixes your notifications issues.

A red spot on the dial (just above the dial) will show you there are unread notifications. When an X appears on the screen, tap on it to dismiss all notifications at once.

To power the iPhone back on, hold down the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Now, just press and hold down the side power button until you see the Apple logo following a black screen.

If you are still not getting notifications from specific apps on the WatchOS device, remove and reinstall these problem apps. Hopefully, notifications will be working again on your watchOS device. In addition to forcing a reboot, restarting the iPhone is a good idea for fixing notification issues. Until Apple comes up with a secret, intermittent bug fix, you may want to try using one of these workarounds to regain control over the Control Center and your notifications.

Can I get notifications on both my phone and my Watch?

You will get notification notifications on your Apple Watch whether your iPhone is locked or asleep and it is on your wrist and unlocked (regardless of whether the watch display is awake or asleep). Notifications will flow to your iPhone if your Apple Watch is locked or Do Not Disturb is turned on.

Why does my iPhone not notify me of texts when wearing an Apple Watch?

If you pair an apple watch to the phone, it turns out that when the phone is locked, no sound is produced for incoming texts when you pair the watch to the phone. Furthermore, silent mode is enabled by default when pairing the watch. As a result, the phone no longer displays text notifications by default.

Why does my Apple Watch vibrate but not my Phone?

If your iPhone is locked or asleep, the notifications you receive on your Apple Watch will also be sent to your iPhone unless your passcode also locks your Apple Watch. Apple Watch apps, such as Noise, are exclusive to the device. Your iPhone does not receive notifications for these apps.