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Why Apple Logo Is Half Bitten

Why Apple Logo Is Half Bitten

Why Apple Logo Is Half Bitten

The half-bitten Apple logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in the world. There are various theories elated tot he image. But the most reliable one is that the apple was designed half-bitten so that it will be recognized as an apple and not as any other fruit.

The designer behind that logo, in an interview with Creative Bits, eventually untangled what is behind Apples signature bit of the logo. The designer behind this logo said while theories are fun, none of them are right.

In an interview with Ivan Ruszl at Creative Bit, Yanoff said that the first reason behind the logo is that the apple is a half-eaten one. I designed it in half-eaten form to make sure that people understand it is an apple, and not a cherry or tomato. According to Janoff, the bite on Apples logo was initially implemented to make sure that people knew that it represented an apple, and not a cherry tomato. Rob Janoff, who designed Apples logo, said that the was designed to have the bite to prevent confusion between the iconic fruit, which is bitten in one time, and the cherry.

First introduced in 1976, Apples first logo was so ugly, that Apple decided early on they had to get rid of it, so Steve Jobs went shopping around for a new one, and when the project fell into Rob Janoffs lap — history was made. Just two years later, Steve Jobs asked artist Rob Janoff to come up with a new design for the company, the only instructions were, Do not make it pretty (ironic, as the logo is quite pretty). Steve Jobs quickly hired a graphic designer named Rob Janoff, who went on to create the now-classic, internationally recognized bite-sized Apple logo.

Steve Jobs, having taken on a number of roles in the companys business for design, decided that Jobs would look at something new, something different, for the companys first logo. He believed that Steve Jobs was design conscious, that the company had a team for graphic design, but also strong design in industrial engineering. Jobs felt that the first logo for the company was too outdated, considered hard to reproduce at a smaller size, and he felt that logo was harmonious with Apples contemporary computers, which impressed.

Apple RepresentationThe bite on Apples logo was initially implemented to make sure that people knew that it represented an apple, and not a cherry tomato
Prevent ConfusionThe was designed to have the bite to prevent confusion between the iconic fruit, which is bitten in one time, and the cherry
Half-Eaten One Reason behind the logo is that the apple is a half-eaten one
Reasons behind Apple’s Logo.

Job Janoff designed an iconic logo, The Bitten Apple, that is today one of the most recognized symbols in history. Rob Janoffs idea for the Apple logo, except back then, it was colored in rainbow colors, unlike the standard monochrome version that we have today. Rob Janoff heard that one legend is that Apple Computer Companys logo was an homage to British mathematician Alan Turing.

The article also said Turing saved millions of lives during WWII, and he also served as an inspiration for Apple, the logo for Apple Computer Company. In June 2022, a Facebook post went viral regarding the life of British mathematician Alan Turing, including multiple claims, such as the speculation of why the bite was taken from Apple Computer Companys logo design.

Watch this video to learn why is the apple logo bitten

According to the Facebook post, Turing ended his own life in 1954 by eating an apple with cyanide poison injected into it, which was purportedly a last act performed by the computer scientist following how the British government treated him for being homosexual. Unrecognized for Alan Turings work, facing imprisonment for gross indecency, and humiliated with injections of estrogen intended to cure his homosexuality, he bit into an apple that had been laced with cyanide. Another Apple employee checked with Apple HQ, and while they were non-committal, it was clear this story about Turing was not Apples official history.

Well, in response to your question, let me say Apple was not the companys original logo. That is, an apple like this, with the slices still on, is an apple, and is not a tomato, it is not a cherry, and after seeing that, people understand it. If somebody has ever had an apple, they probably bit down on one, that is what you are getting.

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For Rob Janoff, taking bites out of apples is the iconic experience; and that is what everybody has experienced, so that is why he can deeply relate to that. Popular designer Rob Janoff said that anyone can buy an apple and bite into one: that is the other message that he and American industrial designers intended to communicate to the entire world via a half-eaten logo. Rob Janoff said there was no deeper symbolic meaning behind the biting sign, and he was not aware of the term computer bytes when designing the Apple logo.

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While it is only an idle exercise, it also suggests that, during development of Apples logo, Rob Janoff may have bitten an apple and measured it in order to ensure that the bite marks were on the right scale for the typical apple. Not only does a bite mark suggest the shape represents a fruit that one typically takes bites from when eating (as apples are typically eaten), it gives the Apples form a sense of scale. Rob Janoffs has consistently denied any connection to the Apple logo, and the very Manchester Alan Turing, explaining that rainbows are because he wanted to emphasize the fact the Apple II was the first machine to feature a color screen, and that a bite is because he wanted a way of showing scale, since an apple looks a lot more like a cherry without one. It is here where we come up against a lot of points raised about this particular myth about Manchesters very own Alan Turing — and why so many believe that the Apple logo was designed as a reference to the man himself.

Why is the logo of apple bitten?

Others have suggested that it refers to Sir Isaac Newton and the apple that fell and inspired him to discover gravity while he was sitting under a tree. Some people think it refers to the computing term “byte,” while others view it as a homage to the biblical account in which Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

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