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Why Does Apple Suck

Why Does Apple Suck

Why does apply suck

Some people find apple annoying because of its complex options and customizable features. If we compare it to Android, Android features are customizable while iOS is easier to use and has a put importance on security there are still more applications that work on Android.

As much as we do not want to admit it, Apple seems to be starting to lose its oomph. My basic argument on this blog is that Apples quality is going downhill, while others are picking up the slack. I argue that in Apples race to be a consumer tech juggernaut, quality has been sidelined. In their quest to become the #1, quality has been made less of a priority.

Todays Apple may pay lip service to this heritage, but Apple products are falling short. Apple used to produce amazing products, but I believe it peaked, and is on the decline. There is no denying that Apple is one of the biggest players in the mobile space, and their innovation of yesteryear is highly laudable, but the stiff competition they are facing right now needs to force them to up their game and deliver to consumers what consumers actually want, rather than what Apple thinks they want.

The other major piece is the hardware — the Apple Focus, which is essentially all Apple devices, is certainly no play. The key piece of Apples ability to trap you is not Apples hardware, but its software: iOS, MacOS, iPadOS, and so on.

You cannot install apps from anywhere but Apples app store. Because the App Store is the only place to get iPhone apps, Apple is able to make sure all apps are completely optimized for the phone.

Why Does Apple Suck
Galaxy PhonesAre comparatively more versatile at any price point.
Galaxy phone over an iPhoneIf you want entertaining and enjoyable cameras on your phone
For Instance14 inch phone starts at $799 MSRP and functions virtually as well as the most recent iPhone
Why Does Apple Suck

I use both Googles Play store and the Apples App Store pretty heavily. I was forced to use the Apple software by default for a few features on iOS, like Siri Search. I cannot run apps that Apple has not approved on my phone, and on my personal computer, I must grant special permissions to run programs that Apple does not approve. As we have just mentioned, charging cables are one of those weird parts of Apples ecosystem that Apple loves to keep in check, and they can cause some surprisingly major problems for Apple users.

Find out why apple iPhones stuck

By not using standard charging cables (like USB C) on Apple smartphones, Apple is able to control a lot of the peripheral devices that its users buy. Each device uses a different wireless charger, meaning that you cannot charge an iPhone using the same charger you charge an Apple Watch. That is because you can get USB-C chargers on Amazon much cheaper than the Lightning cables on Apples site. If Apple switched all Apple iPhones to using USB-C chargers, it would lose money.

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Plus, when Apples charger goes bad, you would have to cough up more of your hard-earned cash to get a new one. If you are going to try and replace the iPhone battery on your own, or get a non-Apple-certified shop to repair it, then you might as well kiss the AppleCare warranty (which is already costing you an arm and a leg) goodbye. Well, too bad, either you are going to need to head into an Apple Store or Apple-certified shop that can repair it, replacing the battery, or you are going to just have to put up with it.

Its exclusive Apple Care may come in handy, however, since you may be able to have your battery replaced for no cost. Apple does, indeed, offer its own Apple Care and Apple Care+, but it makes little sense to many users to pay for a subscription to cover the costs of repairs you might or might not need.

Not a deal-breaker by any means, but this seems just one more simple change that Apple could have made, one that requires less steps from an end-user. Yes, that means security,, but if Apple goes down (and Apple will eventually), then your device is about as serviceable as your old phone. The company has made some truly stupid decisions, such as getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack.

For years, the company has created a closed ecosystem in order to simplify user experiences, but lately, the Apple experience has likely gotten a little too restrictive for some users. The Apple experience is one of the key differentiators for all Apple products, since the company sells a web of integrated apps and services aimed at providing users the best possible experience.

Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Apple Watch, pair of AirPods, an Apple TV, or a HomePod, Apple devices are designed to work together in helpful ways. Their software — iOS — all has unique features from Apple, which tie it together and make it possible for all to work seamlessly together.

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It is safe to say most of the latest and greatest software features are found on Android, with Apple being perpetually lagging behind. Android (thanks to Google) has all these features well before Apple releases them in the new versions of iOS. I think that hardware and features categories really cement the debate between Android and Apple.

Whether we are talking about the price, the apps usage, the file transfer, the smoothness of battery operation, or the exaggerated brand image, iPhone has proven to be a overhyped device in every aspect. It is debatable whether iOS is better in terms of security compared to Android right now, but consensus is still giving the edge to Apple. Today, Apples choices in product specs are not as robust.

The biggest reason, of course, is because Apple uses cheaper materials for product construction. Not only are they all different, only suitable for use in Apple devices, they are generally extremely poor in quality.

If you just want a fancy device to show off, Apple devices are obviously the way to go. Coming from the house of Apple, Apple has hands down the worst-quality accessories and chargers that I have used.

Apple iPhones just do not provide nearly as much storage space as many of their competitors. Since most iPhones do not even come close to offering storage that you would receive from other smartphones, it is certainly one more reason to hate Apple.

If Apple would knock those walls down a little and the iPhone had the storage it needs to support apps from other sources, there is a lot more that your phone could be capable of. Instead, Apple would prefer that you pay them a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade your iPhone from a 64GB base to one with either 256GB or 512GB of storage. Right now, Apple charges $150 to go from 64GB of the base iPhone storage up to 256GB.

The controls result in Apple users having an array of cables and devices that are incompatible with each other, not to mention with other products on the market.

Why are Samsung’s better than Apple?

Galaxy phones have cameras that are comparatively more versatile at any price point. For instance, compared to the similarly cost iPhone SE 2022, the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 offer far greater photography functions. You should pick a Galaxy phone over an iPhone if you want entertaining and enjoyable cameras on your phone.

Is Android better than iOS?

However, in terms of speed and smoothness, iOS devices generally exceed the majority of Android phones at comparable price points. A 14-inch iPhone, for instance, starts at $799 MSRP and functions virtually as well as the most recent iPhone. Even the inexpensive iPhone SE functions superbly.

Why are apples better than androids?

The processors in the iPhones are said to function better than those in most Android phones. To put it another way, you could argue that they have quick processors for better efficiency. Furthermore, Apple successfully combines hardware and software, improving the iPhone’s effectiveness and efficiency.

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