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Wifi Calling Not Working On Iphone

Wifi Calling Not Working On Iphone

First, reboot the iPhone, turn off Cellular data, and turn off Wi-Fi Calling as well. If you have already turned on Wi-Fi Calling, but it is not working, then the easiest way to make sure that your iPhone is working correctly is simply to reboot the iPhone. To do this on an iPhone, go into Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling, and enable Wi-Fi Calling.

After doing so, whenever you attempt to make a call when your iPhone is in Wi-Fi network range, your call will be automatically switched over to Wi-Fi. With WiFi calling, your calls and texts are routed via whichever WiFi network your iPhone is signed in, rather than through your carriers cell network. Since WiFi calling only relies on WiFi networks, rather than cellular networks, you should try turning off the LTE service on your iPhone.

Since WiFi calling depends on both the Wi-Fi network and mobile networks, you can try going back to your network settings on the iPhone. If after trying these steps, you still do not get Wi-Fi Calling working on the iPhone 12 mini, try resetting to your network settings. If the network failure is the reason why the Wi-Fi calling is not working properly, then resetting these settings is the best option.

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This will restore your phones cellular network, and should hopefully fix your WiFi calling issues as well. Make sure that all the Wi-Fi Call settings are enabled, that your device and your network provider supports Wi-Fi Calling. If your network carrier supports this functionality, but it is unavailable for use, there are a couple things you can do to get this working on an iPhone. To test, you can just search online or directly contact your Network carrier to confirm WiFi Calling.

Wifi Calling Not Working On Iphone
Reboot the DeviceFirst, reboot the iPhone, turn off Cellular data, and turn off Wi-Fi Calling as well
Reset the Settings If the network failure is the reason why the Wi-Fi calling is not working properly, then resetting these settings is the best option
Wifi Calling Not Working On Iphone

If you have never used Wi-Fi Calling on an iPhone, first check out Apples list of supported networks for Wi-Fi Calling. If you recently got an iPhone, or you have never used Wi-Fi calling before, it is possible that your iPhone is not configured to make calls over Wi-Fi by default (most are not). As there are a lot of different reasons Wi-Fi calling might not work on your iPhone. Common network issues on your iPhone may also likely be a reason you are not able to activate and successfully use Wi-Fi calls.

Watch this video to learn how to fix wifi calling not working

Forcing your iPhone to run on a Wi-Fi only connection will sometimes solve the problem. While it is tempting to believe your phone is to blame for these problems, remember your router has a role in the WiFi calls as well. If your phones Wi-Fi Calling function is still not working correctly, then it is likely there is a problem with the Wi-Fi network.

Usually, Wi-Fi calling should be seamless, since switching between carrier signals and Wi-Fi networks to make calls is an automatic process. When Wi-Fi calling is enabled on an iPhone, the carrier automatically switches to an active Wi-Fi connection in order to enhance the quality of calls and to provide uninterrupted telephone calls. The feature allows telephone calls to function as a voice-over-IP technology, treating voice calls the same as any other data sent across the computer network.

The feature is turned off by default in iPhones, so you will have to enable it in order to use it. While Wi-Fi Calling uses your Internet connection to function, Wi-Fi Calling still requires your SIM card to validate your number via the network carriers in order to begin using the feature. Typically, you will be given an option to enable Wi-Fi calling in your SIM cards Network Settings.

In case, you are facing issues with using Wi-Fi Calling on a smartphone, or cannot find an option to enable it, then you should check whether this feature is supported even by your phone/network. If your carrier has only recently started rolling out support for Wi-Fi Calling, or you upgraded to a newer iPhone, you might need to check whether or not your iPhone has the carriers settings update. You should be watching the updates provided by your carriers network, since these will enhance your cell connection, and they might enable Wi-Fi calling features through an over-the-air (OTA) update, too.

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Carrier releases these updates to improve connectivity to your network, as well as adding support for different features like VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling. An update periodically makes adjustments and improvements for the networks connectivity, as well as increasing efficiency of features including Wi-Fi Calling.

By now, you should have solved Wi-Fi call issues that you were facing on the iPhone. Once you have verified that your iPhone and carrier both support Wi-Fi calling, you can move on to trying some more fixes. Hopefully, if the conditions in the above points are met, then Wi-Fi calling should be working on your iPhone 12 mini without issue. On your iPhone 12 mini, Wi-Fi calling should allow you to enjoy a clearer audio experience when making calls.

Even when you cannot get cell phone signal, you should still be able to make calls and receive texts on the iPhone. Because you can make and receive calls wherever you are connected to Wi-Fi, this reduces the likelihood that your phone calls will go down during the course of a working day. The best part of WiFi Calling is that you can make and receive calls to any person or place that is connected to Wi-Fi with ease.

Wi-Fi Calling is a pretty useful feature you can utilize on your smartphone and enjoy a stable, HD Calling experience on your handset. It is also useful to use when your network signal is bad, you can still have a stable call with no problem as long as you have WiFi Calling on your phone. WiFi calls are awesome if the network connection in your home or office is more reliable than the carrier signal. When you are in a location where your cell coverage is weak or nonexistent, Wi-Fi Calling is a convenient way to place clear, reliable calls through your active Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi calling is a handy feature that is available on iPhones (and Android, too). You can check out this page from Apples Support page to quickly see if Wi-Fi calling is a supported feature on your carriers network. In India, besides Airtels networks, Jio supports Wi-Fi calling, while Vi (formerly Vodafone and Idea) has also introduced this feature to iPhone users.

How do I turn on Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone without a SIM card?

WiFi calling is a feature that the carrier offers in this situation. You cannot utilize WiFi calling without a SIM because you have no phone service at all. To call real phone numbers, you could utilize Google Voice, or you could use FaceTime audio to call other FaceTime users.