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Will Iphone 11 Case Fit Xr

Will Iphone 11 Case Fit Xr

Will Iphone 11 Case Fit Xr

iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are close enough in dimensions that they can be fit in the same case.  These cases are available in different designs and colors.  You may choose one of them according to your own preferences. Cases actually protect your phone from getting any damage.

To see whether the case made for a different iPhone would fit a new one, you need to look at each phones specifications. Unfortunately, phone sizes are a bit different, so the iPhone X cases do not fit all the new iPhone models, with one exception. While the various iPhones are of varying sizes, there are times when the dimensions are close enough between two models that you could effectively use the same case for both. Even phones that are basically the same size, such as the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, have differences in design that make it impossible to use the same case.

With certain older generations of iPhone, you can use the same case across models. Just to make things more complicated, there are also older models of iPhones out there that may be using the same case. You cannot really use an iPhone X-generation case on any of the other models. While you may feel that you are free to use older cases on your iPhone XS, this has not stopped companies – including Apple itself – from still making new cases for the iPhone XS.

Recent GenerationsRecent generations of the iPhone have generally had significant differences in dimensions and shapes between each other.
XS will not fix XRCases designed for the iPhone XS will not fit the iPhone XR because it is somewhat bigger than the iPhone XS.
XR requires a modified CameraAdditionally, the iPhone XR requires a modified camera cutout due to the changed camera size.

The responsible thing to do is invest in a quality iPhone 11 case that lasts and keeps the phone looking like new. The good news is if you pop your iPhone XR in the iPhone 11 case, your iPhone XR will fit without any issues, and this includes Apples smart battery cover support. We have actually found a case that does manage to fit, and the Smart Battery Case from Apples iPhone 11 fits iPhone 13, while also grabbing onto the frame slightly more than others.

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The battery part did not quite do it, though, and while we were able to make an iPhone 11 Battery case fit The iPhone 12, the buttons and the side switches were completely misaligned, so the case did not quite fit iPhone, though it did sorta. The case will fit on either an iPhone X or an iPhone XS; however, there are some major design elements that are different between those devices, which will impact where the case cuts for buttons, the audio grille, and the charging port. Because this case does not have a camera opening, one made for iPhone 12 (and perhaps earlier models) and iPhone 13 will be fully interchangeable. Since those cases are not designed with any specific camera in mind, they may work with his iPhones as well.

This is unlike an iPhone 11 that fits in a iPhone XR case that works, but has issues, or an iPhone XR that fits in an iPhone 11, that works better, because of differences in cameras. Same goes for an iPhone 12 Pro not fitting in an iPhone 11 Pro case, a trend that continues across both series. One stems from the new iPhone XRs relatively larger size in case than previous iPhone X/Xs, meaning the placement of power and volume buttons also gets out of alignment if you attempt to put the older iPhone cases on the newer phones, like an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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Recent generations of the iPhone have generally had significant differences in dimensions and shapes between each other, and even among models within a single generation, eliminating iPhone case compatibility across models. Some generations of iPhones are actually quite similar in terms of their dimensions and designs. The iPhone 13 is nowhere near as large or shaped as the iPhone 11 or earlier models. The iPhone 13 is only a little thicker than the iPhone 12, button placement is different, and the iPhone 13s camera module is only a little larger than the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 Pros camera module is also a lot larger than the iPhone 12 Pro, so it certainly does not go into the older cases. You could swap out the iPhone 12 Pro Max Case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, but that would not quite fit or fit properly.

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If you need one, then you will have to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, as well as the 13s in the corresponding covers. Saving some cash is always a good thing, so if you do come across the iPhone XR cover, you may wonder whether or not it will work with this newer model, the iPhone 11. Keeping iPhone XRs sleeve means that Apple has cases that you will find easily. Because iPhone 11 has a few fairly significant changes in rear design, the iPhone XR cases will not work well with the iPhone 11.

The redesign is quite a disappointment, as it means that you will need to purchase a new case each time you purchase a new iPhone. The best suggestion that we can offer is that you should get a new case specifically designed to fit with the shape and dimensions of the new iPhone 12 Series.

To help make finding the case that fits the right iPhone dimensions easier, Pela has lumped together the phones listed above into our selection of iPhone cases. Knowing what cases are compatible with various iPhone models can be confusing — dive in this article to see what cases fit your iPhone. The harsh truth is your old iPhone X/Xs case is not going to fit on your new iPhone XR as the dimensions and the cutout for the cameras are different between the two phones, and trying to fit one on the iPhone XR would only leave the edges of the cameras exposed, thus leaving it open to possible damage from scratches and cracks.

While the dimensions of both models are fairly similar, the new triple-camera design on the iPhone 11 Pro Max means the cutouts on the Rokform iPhone XS cases are incompatible. Fortunately, Apples move to squared off camera sections means the camera windows are larger and fit better in iPhone 11 cases. That means it will fit more cleanly with the iPhone XR, though it may not offer as much protection.

It is not advised that you try and squeeze an iPhone XR in an older case. Apple companies will build their iPhones so the new ones will fit in predecessors cases. If the new phones are not interoperable with their direct predecessors, then there is no way that they would fit into the cases of the other older versions. For example, if you had an iPhone 8 handset and upgraded to the iPhone 9, the latter will slot into the case of the former.

Do Xs cases fit XR?

The iPhone XR does not fit inside iPhone XS cases. Cases designed for the iPhone XS will not fit the iPhone XR because it is somewhat bigger than the iPhone XS. Additionally, the iPhone XR requires a modified camera cutout due to the changed camera size.

Do iPhone 11 and XR use same case?

An iPhone XR case will not fit the iPhone 11 because of significant rear design changes that came with its debut. The camera settings on the back of the iPhone 11 prevent iPhone XR cases from fitting the iPhone 11, despite the fact that both phone models have the same size.