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Will Iphone 11 Pro Case Fit Iphone 12 Pro

Will Iphone 11 Pro Case Fit Iphone 12 Pro

Both iPhone 11 and newer iPhone 12 series feature similar screen sizes; however, iPhone 12s overall design is different, and thus, will not be compatible with any iPhone 11 cases. What those slight changes in dimensions mean is that your iPhone 13 Pro Max case will not fit an iPhone 14 Pro Max. This seemingly small change, which is made to accommodate a new camera bump, means any case that fits a 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max would not fit the 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max correctly. The differences may not be discernible holding both iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, but this difference of 0.15mm is probably the reason why the 12 Series iPhone cases are going to fit wrong with the newer iPhones.

Even phones with mostly identical dimensions, such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, have differences in construction that make it impossible for them to share a single case. The reason is because these two models of phones do not have the same dimensions, and they have certain differences that make it impossible to make a single case useful for either one. As explained before, the two phone models do have some similarities, but the models do have other differences.

The designs, however, are different, which means that these two phones cannot be placed inside of one anothers cases. The design language and features on these two phones are different, as is their dimensions. These two models are completely identical in dimensions, the only difference being in weight. As far as iPhone XR is concerned, they as you can see, have different camera modules, hence why these two cases would not be compatible.

With some older generations of the iPhone, it is possible to use a single case across multiple models. Just to make things more complicated, there are also older models of iPhones out there that may be using the same case. The options above are available to you as these are the more robust cases that best suit iPhone 13 models.

It is just good to go along with these amazing variants of iPhone 13s with a perfect case that enhances the phones styling and features. Much like the way that iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are not compatible with the latest big-ticket iPhone from Apple, or vice-versa, you will want to avoid buying iPhone 12 Pro Max cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, because the two are simply too different. If you are interested in protecting the iPhone 13 Pro, you might consider getting a new case, one that fits well and is specifically tailored to your phone.

Drops happen, but if you know that you will put the phone in danger, then you might consider getting a case that is a little tougher. You get up to two meters of drop protection should your iPhone really tumble, and it has an antimicrobial coating, too.

iPhone 14Slight changes in dimensions
iPhone 13 Pro Max case will not fit an iPhone 14 Pro Max.
iPhone 13iPhone 13 is a little thicker than iPhone 12 so it won’t ft.
iPhone 12The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cases
won’t fit to iPhone 12
iPhone 11iPhone 12s overall design is different, and
will not be compatible with any iPhone 11 cases.
How Cases for different types of iPhones Differ

Then, be sure to bring home and protect your phone by pairing it up with the all-new iPhone 11 Pro Max-specific case. If you do not want a chunky phone case to fill your hands, the Apple Leather Sleeve for the iPhone 12 Pro Max allows a level of protection while you are on the go, but it will still allow you to feel the light-weight nature of the device while in use. This transparent iPhone 12 case feels sturdy and is grippy enough to allow you to take confident shots knowing that your phone is not going to slide out of your hands. The case works great with Apples new suite of MagSafe accessories, such as the charger, so you will be getting wireless charging at a whopping 15W, and the case clicks on your device like magic.

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This iPhone 12 Pro Case features a unique blend of a durable, polycarbonate exterior and a layer of protective foam on the inside, providing two layers of solid protection in a slim, pocket-friendly package. The Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Case features AiroShock impact-absorbing technology, with raised upper and lower edges that protect the phones screen, while not impeding edge-to-edge scrolling. The reason why the case also has MagSafe is probably that the new iPhone 12s flat-edge design does not make it possible for cases to grip the iPhone 12 properly.

While both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 devices have similar features and a body design, Apple has made clear both phones come with different cases. Cases designed for the Apple iPhone 12 will fit on the iPhone 12 Pro as well (open in new tab) — but if you own an iPhone 12 Mini (open in new tab) or an iPhone 12 Pro Max (open in new tab), you will need a different case. Since an iPhone 11 case will not fit, you will have to find a new design.

Watch this video to learn do iPhone 13 cases fit on the new iPhone 14

Not only does your new device have to fit in the same dimensions of the older iPhone case, the cutouts have to fit around your cameras, buttons, and ports. You see, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which means the iPhone 12 Pro Max is like more roomy inside these cases, fitting the larger, older Apple handset in your new case a little comfortably, but still being cinchy. The iPhone 12 family has a different design from past iPhone iterations, as it features new, flatter edges and sides instead of the curves from years past.

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The precise engineering and manufacturing techniques make our iPhone 12 Pro cases totally stand out from their competitors, giving your phone an incredibly appealing, light-weight, visually amazing second skin. If you want to make sure that your phone is secure and protected from drops, dent, scratch, and everything else that can happen to your handset (especially if you are spending the kind of money the new iPhone 12 Pro is going to command), then you have got to get your hands on one of these velvet caviar cases ASAP. Another massive advantage to going forward with the Velvet Caviar for protecting your new phone is that you get to enjoy exclusive case designs unavailable elsewhere.

Is the 11 Pro case the same size as the 11?

The sizes of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro vary. The iPhone 11 is slightly larger than the iPhone 11 Pro, even though the cameras on the back of each model are the same size. As a result, iPhone 11 cases cannot be used with the iPhone 11 Pro.

What’s the difference between the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 is 2.98 inches in width, but the iPhone 12 Pro measures 2.82 inches. You cannot just purchase an iPhone 12 Pro cover and assume that it will fit an iPhone 11 since the latter is simply too broad for the latter.