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Youtube Search Not Working On Iphone App

Youtube Search Not Working On Iphone App

Youtube Search Not Working On Iphone App

Your apps may stop working as a result of system problems on your iPhone or Android device. This is especially true if the operating system on your phone is out-of-date. By installing the most recent software for your phone, you can in this case fix the YouTube search issue.

If you are having trouble with your YouTube search in your iPhone or PC, the following three ways should work for you. Whether you are accessing through browser or your YouTube app, the highlighted ways may help you solve the problem with JavaScript or Browser. After clearing your cache and cookies from Chrome, head over to YouTubes webpage and search for videos to see if your problem with YouTube Search Not Working is solved.

Open YouTube in a different browser to see if the problem is coming from your browser. Click on the Relaunch button to reboot Chrome, and then open the YouTube webpage to see if the problem is still there.

If YouTube is not playing in your iPhone 12 mini on Safari browser, you can clear Safaris cache to give it a shot. If you are using iPhone Safari, and the YouTube autoplay function is not working on the iPhone, you can clear your history and site data. If you cannot locate an app, or you simply cannot play YouTube videos on iOS device, then you should check the Content Restrictions of the device.

If you have updated, but YouTube app is still not working on your iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Mini, or any iOS device, you need to remove and reinstall the app. If a reboot does not help you solve YouTube Not Working issue on your iOS device, check if there are any outstanding updates on the App Store. If you are already using the stable version of YouTube, and are having trouble with playback errors, continue updating the official YouTube app to the latest version from the App Store. When YouTube Not Working On iPhone problem strikes, all you have to do is to follow these guides that we compiled, and surely, YouTube will get fixed soon.

In this case, you can reset network settings in the device to solve the problem of YouTube will not play videos on the iPhone or will not work for your iPad. If none of the above suggestions worked, and YouTube is not offline in your area, then you can solve the problem by resetting all your network settings. If the app has started to show issues recently following a software update, then resetting may be a good solution. When YouTube or other apps are not working properly or are crashing, resetting the iPhone is an easy solution for those issues.

Restarting your phone gives it a new start, and can solve minor software issues that may be causing YouTube videos on the iPhone not to play. Note that the steps mentioned in this article also will help you solve other problems, such as the YouTube app will not open, YouTube videos are not playing on iPhone, YouTube is not working in Safari for iPhone, or YouTube audio is not working in iPad.

Restrict mode enabled in YouTubeTurn off Hardware acceleration
Antivirus and FirewallUpdate your browser
YouTube search function is downClear browsing data
Java script or browser problemMake sure the JavaScript plug-in is enabled
Reasons and Solutions for the “YouTube Search Not Working On iPhone App” problem.

The most common issues reported are blank screen, application crashes, videos will not download, sound is not working on the iPhone, and YouTube is not working on the Safari or Chrome web browsers. In many cases, internet speeds are dropped, which causes YouTube to display the loading screen, or fail at all. Maybe YouTube is not updated, the cache files are piling up, or just due to slower internet speeds.

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If you are using YouTube on a regular basis, your device should have lots of data and cache, which could be making your device slow down, which will then make your YouTube searches fail. Outdated device software may also hamper proper working of the YouTube application, which causes the search issues. One of the possible causes for YouTube Not Working On iPhone/iPad is an incompatibility between iOS OS and YouTube.

Another possible reason for the app not working, or video playing, on your iPhone/iPad is running an older version of the app. YouTube Not Working On The iPhone is a general issue that commonly occurs for users who are playing videos on YouTube, uploading new videos, searching for videos from YouTube in search bar, or using the voice search feature on YouTube in app. Several users across various regions reported they could not play videos on YouTube on the iPhone 12 mini.

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Many iPhone and iPad users have reported recently experiencing a number of YouTube errors when watching videos on YouTube, such as playback errors, black screen mode, videos unavailable, videos failing to load. The reason for videos not playing on YouTube may be related to connectivity issues. It is frustrating when YouTube videos are not working on your iPhones browser or apps. When you are trying to show a funny video to your friends, or listening to music during your workout, and YouTube stops working on the iPhone, that can really get frustrating.

Heres the fastest way to solve unable to load videos in YouTube on your iPhone. It can solve issues like freezing, crashes, black screen, iTunes errors, etc., in the iPhone, thus solving problems with YouTube and others.

If you cannot solve your Internet issue and desperately want to access YouTube, then reduce YouTube video quality in Settings. As the speed of your connection changes, video selection changes, and if still not happy, manually change video quality and enjoy videos on YouTube. If you are able to open YouTube app and view videos, but have trouble searching music and other particular videos, then it is possible that you have switched advanced filters.

Hopefully, this tutorial helped you resolve this problem, and now you are able to watch videos and YouTube Shorts just as before. Let us figure out why YouTube frequently stops working, and how you can solve it. Before going ahead and making changes on your iPhone, first check YouTubes servers to see if Googles side has issues. The next thing you can try if you are seeing YouTube failing to function on your iPhone 12 mini is updating the YouTube app on your device.

One of the best alternatives for YouTube Not Working as the solution suggests downloading videos offline using a different app in iOS. Interrupting may really hurt, for obvious reasons, especially to people that regularly use YouTube. When you are using an outdated browser, your search on YouTube may not work properly.

Why is search not working on iPhone?

Even though it’s the easiest fix, resetting your iPhone frequently solves the issue. So give it a go before trying any other solutions. Using an iPhone X or later To turn off the device, long-press the side and volume buttons and move the slider. After two minutes, long-press the side button to switch on the device.

Why has my YouTube search changed?

Users may now more easily view a video’s description before clicking on it thanks to YouTube. Pages of search results are now more visually appealing. Users may scroll over each video to see a preview of it rather than a static thumbnail. Users may now choose the material they watch with greater knowledge.