Airtag Battery Life

Airtag Battery Life

The battery life of an AirTag is approximately one year with normal usage. If the battery is running low, the iPhone will notify the user. AirTag batteries are replaceable and can be replaced by twisting the back cover off and inserting a new CR2032 coin cell battery.

You need to be sure to swap out your battery on the AirTag ASAP, so that you do not lose your ability to use tracking features. You do not have to monitor your battery closely, as your iPhone will tell you when it is starting to run out, so you can switch. The Find My App will tell you when the AirTag from Apple needs a new battery, and the battery inside is the commonly used CR2032 coin cell cell.

You cannot look at how much life is left in an AirTags battery, but your iPhone will alert you both when it is getting low and show you its state in the Find My app. If somehow you missed the warning about a low battery, you can head into the Find My app and tap the name of your AirTag. If you have an iPhone running iOS 14.5 (or higher) and the AirTag, which is not registered to your Apple ID, is following you, it will notify you through a Push Notification from the Find My app.

On devices running iOS version 15.5 or lower, the AirTags battery status will show up below the Tracker Name in the “Items” list of the Find My app. The current battery level of your AirTag is illustrated by the small icon under your AirTags name, which appears when you select your AirTag from the Find My AppItems tab. The current battery charge level is displayed directly in this panel, in a tiny icon at the top-left, under your AirTags name.

Apples useful Battery widget does not support the AirTag, but you can check your AirTags current battery level with these easy steps anytime. Here, you will find a battery indicator directly under your AIrTags name, as you can see in the screenshot below.

For more precise display, Apple allows you to also look at AirTags battery percentage. Apple does not offer an option to see the exact battery percentage remaining on the AirTag. While battery does not give you an exact percentage, it should give you a good indication of the amount of juice left in Apples AirTag.

Actual battery life will vary depending on how you use AirTag (for instance, how often you use the Find My App to pinpoint its location). Before buying a new battery for your AirTag, you should check out the state of the existing battery, since Apple says it offers a good battery life, which should get you through a year.

Apple claims the AirTags battery should last around one year, but we will not really know exactly how accurate this is until we get past one year of use. Apple says your AirTags should last a year on one CR2032 battery before you need to change it.

AirTag modelBattery life
AirTag (2021)Up to 1 year with daily use
AirTag (2021) with Precision Finding enabledBattery life may be shorter
Previous generation trackers (ex. Tile)Varies, but typically lasts 6-12 months
Airtag battery life

Apples Air Tag batteries last one year, do not need to be charged, and in fact, there is no way to recharge a battery. Replacing a battery is a simple process and many people can perform this, so there is no reason to toss your old Apple Air Tag out and buy a new one. I knew how to change my AirTags battery, so I went into my battery drawer and pulled out a few brand new Duracell CR2032 Lithium-3V Coin Cell batteries, and I went ahead and replaced them.

While the AirTags really die, a CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery provides a long-lasting, reliable battery for an AirTag. An AirTag comes with a simple-to-replace CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery right out of the box, which must be turned on before you can begin tracking items such as keys, purses, and wallets. The AirTag Tracker uses removable CR2032 coin cell batteries, which can easily be replaced by turning the removable cover over the AirTags glossy back.

Learn How to Save Apple AirTag Battery Life

To make sure you are tracking your items efficiently, Apple provides a way for you to see your AirTags battery level in the Find My App, and Apple even sends you a notification when it gets low — so there is no excuse to let your AirTag die.

No, required does not mean that you need to recharge AirTags, but keeping a close eye on the battery life is still important as you will want to swap them out from time to time. Apple released the first batch of AirTags last April (see Apples AirTags Promise To Help You Find Your Keys, April 20, 2021), and they are designed for one-year battery life, so if you have not changed the batteries in your AirTags yet, you are probably going to have to do that soon. However, the AirTag usually keeps working for several months after you get the notification.

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If you are still seeing the Red Battery Bar on your iPhones Find My App for the Apple AirTag, even after replacing it with a new CR2032 battery, you can try resetting the AirTag. You should not be caught by surprise; your iPhone will alert you via notifications whenever your battery is running low, and the Find My app displays your battery level in the “Items” tab every time it gets low enough for you to need to change your battery.

The apparenza is excellent for security purposes, but sadly, a batterys Bitterant coating prevented it from working on my AirTag. One major thing to note is Apple says a CR2032 battery with the bitterant coating is most likely to not work in the AirTag.

Apple estimates a single CR2032 battery should last for around one year while used inside the AirTag, with the first installed pre-installed at time of purchasing the tracker. The AirTag, the tiny, disc-sized tracking device that Apple created to work with its Find My ecosystem Apples Find My ecosystem, runs on removable coin-cell batteries: It is easy to tell whether the battery is ready to be replaced.

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Can an AirTag track a car?

The use of AirTags with a GPS tracker for an automobile is not at all possible. Tracking missing items around your home or neighborhood is very different than tracking an automobile. The car moves quickly and continues to travel; however, it will take a while for your AirTags to update the location.

How long can a AirTag go without charging?

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