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Apple Music Listening History

Apple Music Listening History

Apple products have this feature that allows you to get your music replay through the apple music listening history on your apple products. All you have to do is go to settings, and turn on ‘Use Music Listening History’ on your iPhone or iPad, while on a Mac go to the general tab in settings to do the same.

Apple Music is one of our favourite streaming music apps, and at the end of every year, Apple lets users revisit their listening history from the previous year through an experience called Apple Music Replay. Previously, Apple Music Replay was a basic site showing short listening data, focused on a playlist, that was a collection of a users Top 100 songs from the given year. The apps implementation of the Apple Music Recently Played section was tricky to access through the Playlists menu, but there is now a new History function which lets you see every song you have ever listened to on Apple Music, directly from the Playback menu.

The best part about this new History feature is the fact that you do not have to be an Apple Music subscriber, nor is it limited to songs streaming on Apple Music (though it is limited to songs within the Music app, so things from Spotify and other services clearly do not appear there). Thanks to iOS 13.2, Apple Musics Now has a History page, which lets you see every song you have ever listened to – in order – in a couple of taps and swipes. Now, you can view every song that you have recently listened to on the device.

Now tap the tab History. To see all the songs that were played earlier. If you are listening to a playlist that is been put together by someone else, you may be interested in going back to find out what a previous song was called, or who the artist was. If you choose “Replay”, you will see the song and artists listed, and can choose “Play” from the top to start listening.

Select the Replay from any year to see songs and artists, or just click on the play button to hear. Listen to your favorite songs for any year, and see artists behind these favorites, directly within the Music app on your iPhone and iPad. Like Spotify Wrapped, you will be able to see a retrospective look at what songs, albums, and artists you have played most frequently in any given year.

You can access a Recently Played section of the Music app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV, and swipe across covers for albums, radio stations, or playlists that you have played recently. To see the Play History of your Library on an iPhone or iPad, open the Music app, tap on your currently playing track, and select the Up Next icon.

Watch to learn some of the apple music tricks and tips

To view your librarys play history on your Mac, select a song to play in History. Apple uses your listening habits and history within the Music app to determine what songs make up your Apple Music Replay. Apple Music subscribers who are using Android also get access to Apple Music Replay, but will need to take a different route than iPhone users in order to make sure that Use Listening History is enabled.

LibraryGo to the Music app’s “Library” area
PlaylistsHere, select “Playlists” by pressing the entry under “Library.”
Recently PlayedScroll down to the “Recently Played” playlist in the Playlists menu
TapThen tap on it. All of the music you’ve recently listened to on your smartphone while using Apple Music are displayed here
Steps to see what I recently listened to on Apple Music.

Unlike traditional radio services, the Radio function on Apples streaming service allows users to skip songs, browse through songs played earlier in a station, and see songs played later. Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users choose the music they want to be streamed on-demand on their device, or can listen to existing playlists. Apples streaming service offers personalized music recommendations tailored to the users taste in music, with curated playlists created by music experts.

The service is compatible with iOS devices running versions 8.4 or later, iPadOS devices running versions 13.0 or later, the Music app in macOS Catalina or later, iTunes 12.2 or later on Windows PCs, and the Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple CarPlay, and the Apple HomePod. Apple has added custom music playlists to Apples streaming service, with September 2016s release of My New Music Mix, and June 2017s release of My Chill Mix. Although Spotify has an app for iOS, because of the high volume of devices sold by Apple in the United States, users seem to simply default to whatever default music service is offered.

Now, all these actions, such as listening to music or checking out the tracks you recently played, are possible only if you subscribe to the standalone music app. Along with millions of pieces of music, you can also listen to the radio in real time or view music videos in the same app.

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You can listen to any song on any of your devices, whether it is online or offline. Apple lets you download any song and play it off-line anytime. All you have to do is sign up for the standalone Music app once, and you will unlock a function that includes a library of over 90 million songs.

Apple Replay aggregates top songs onto personalized playlists, basing the findings on a users Apple Music listening history, number of plays for the song, artist, album, playlist, genre, and station, as well as time spent listening to these categories. According to Apple, the company looks at your listening history, tallying up the number of plays and amount of time spent listening to a song, album, artist, playlist, genre and station. In addition to sharing a portion of the content you are listening to on Apple Music to those who you have specially approved, you can manage your private listening history on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The latter is quite convenient when you want to revisit a few songs that you recently enjoyed.

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It is a nice way to share music you love with friends, who will see the playlists and what is in them, including any new music that you have added, but you do not need to share playlists if you do not want to. After doing so, you can tap Start sharing with friends to share your listening. You can tap on any of those albums or playlists to begin listening.

Observant users might notice that since the release of Apple Music in 2015, the Music app on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has allowed for sharing of limited lists of recently played songs with friends.

Can people see your listening history on Apple Music?

Take control of your sharing. You have the option of sharing the music you’re listening to with those who follow you on social media. Your profile image and user name will still be accessible in Search even if you make your listening history and playlists private. Delete your Apple Music profile to completely disappear.

Can someone see if you stalk their Apple Music?

We are here to assist. We know you may have some concerns about Apple Music customers receiving notifications when you check their profile or play their playlists. They won’t receive a notification if they check their profile or play music from their playlists. Only if you add one of their playlists to your library will they receive a notification.

How do I see what I recently listened to on Apple Music?

Go to the Music app’s “Library” area. Here, select “Playlists” by pressing the entry under “Library.” Scroll down to the “Recently Played” playlist in the Playlists menu, then tap on it. All of the music you’ve recently listened to on your smartphone while using Apple Music are displayed here.

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