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Apple Watch Vs Apple Watch Nike

Apple Watch Vs Apple Watch Nike

Apple Watch Vs Apple Watch Nike

In Nike Apple watch you will see an additional Nike logo on the back of the watch while the regular Apple watches doesn’t have one. Differences are present in their standard faces and strap designs. However, in terms of performance, both of them have almost equal potential

The Apple Watch Nike Edition The Nike is identical to the regular models from the standpoint of specs, but it has a couple of unique features that make it a compelling offering to people who want to use their watches for sports — running, specifically. The latest Nike Series 7 edition is basically the same as the standard Apple Watch Series 7, however features Nike-redesigned watch faces and Apple Watch Sport bands designed by Nike. Even if the user does not plan on using the new Nike faces, there is no drawback to buying a Nike Apple Watch: It includes all of the features of a standard Apple Watch, plus a few extras. The Apple Watch Nike+ model costs the same as a standard Apple Watch Series 2, and has all the same features, as well as some additional goodies like the chamfered band.

Another advantage of the Nike model is that the Nike comes with a set of Nike Watch bands. Aside from its general look and the two additional apps, it is just like the normal Series 5 watch. With the added focus on fitness over a normal Apple Watch Series 5 watch, Nikes new Apple Watch has the same apps that are found in a Series 5 watch, plus one or two more exercise apps, plus there is also a new feature called Blood Oxygen App.

You can find the full rundown on the major features in our normal apple watch review, so I am going to focus here on what makes the apple watch nike edition unique, and why you may — or may not — want to opt for this version. If you are looking to get one of the most unique color options in the case, or if you are keen to upgrade to a stainless steel or titanium casing, you could get the regular Apple Watch Series 7, then get the Nike Band to wear with it during your workouts. Of course, you could always go for the regular stainless steel Series 7 model and switch over to one of the Nike bands whenever you get sporting.

Regular WatchNike Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is customizable with a variety of casing materials, colors, sizes, and bandsThe Nike Edition also has the same super-bright display, dual-core processor, GPS, and waterproof design that you get with Apple Watch Series 2.
The colored backplate can be whichever colors Apple includes in its WatchOS Face Picker, meaning that you can modify that face to fit any watchband you own over the last six years.The Nike+ Run Club app has an added feature that will tell your pace, distance, and time at each mile
Regular Watch V/S Nike Watch.

You will also receive the two-tone exclusive silicone band, as well as the two Nike watch faces. The Nike Edition also has two exclusive Nike watch faces (one digital, the other analog) which you can customize to display data about your activities and heart rate, or provide a quick link to Nike+ Run Club and the Weather App. It is a similar size and weight, and it can be used for making phone calls (when connected with your iPhone) as well as running apps.

Find out if should you buy the Nike or Standard Apple Watch series 7

So, you get Siri integration with the Nike+ Run Club app, an exclusive watch face, and a breathable band. Both Series 7 and SE Nike models, however, benefit from things like the Nike Compact watch faces, allowing for the display of more Nike Run Club complications.

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Other small, non-essential differences include the Nike-specific packaging, a Nike logo on the back of the watch face, and a setup prompt that allows you to pre-install the Nike Run Club app. The Nike Apple Watch features a different band design and a slightly different watch face than the standard model, making it easier for runners to take advantage of the devices built-in GPS (and cellular connectivity). In addition, Nike faces are regularly added to special editions of the companys Apple Watch, including its latest watch face, the Bounce, depicting bouncing digital time moving along with the smartwatch.

The new Apple Watch Nike+ Edition ($369 for 38mm and $399 for 42mm) is the exact same as the Apple Watch Series 2 in terms of basic features, but has a few additional Nike goodies designed to attract fitness enthusiasts. Or, if smartwatches or GPS watches sound overkill, consider an activity tracker such as Fitbit is Charge 2 ($150 and up), which is packed with useful features and costs over $200 less than Apples less-expensive Apple Watch Nike+. In case runners who choose to leave their phones at home are curious, Series 6 watches with GPS and cell service (open in new tab) are on sale too, but they are actually priced lower before Walmart+Weekend, so you will want to get by on the sales. The 40mm watch (opens in a new tab) and the 44mm watch (opens in a new tab) are both $100 off, priced at $229 and $259, respectively.

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The new Series 7, by contrast, starts at $399 – so you are getting the larger face and an otherwise very similar watch at $ 90 off. Since Apple stopped selling the Series 6 last fall, finding that brand-new, decent-priced watch has been an issue. Since Space Gray shares many of the same features with the Apple Watch Series 7, in most cases, you should probably opt for the less expensive model, unless you especially value features like the larger display or the enhanced health tracking, and you can justify the added cost. The Space Gray will be the go-to model for many Apple Watch customers because of its competitive price and generous featureset, and may be a better choice for people who are new to the Apple Watch, or users coming from the Series 3 or older.

All Apple bands Apple works with Nike models, but you cannot combine them when buying; you will need to purchase them separately in addition to the Nike bands included with your Apple Watch. The customer is essentially paying for a sports band, the Nike branding, at least one Nike-exclusive watch face, and the extra two apps.

You can select from indoor or outdoor runs on settings, but the Nike Run Club is designed mostly to be used outdoors. The Apple Watchs Workout app has always felt adequate to my needs, but I might very well move over to Nikes Run Club app for all of my outdoor running in future.

I have used both Apples standard Workout app and the Nike+ Run Club app, which includes automatic pausing and automatic laps, and will show your pace, distance, time, and per-minute. The Nike+ Run Club app has an added feature of telling you the pace, distance, and time every mile, but I still liked looking at Nike Edition on occasion throughout my workouts to ensure that I was on track.

Is Nike Apple watch any good?

The same excellent watch is provided to you together with the pre-installed Nike Run Club app, and Nike watch faces. This option is a no-brainer if you enjoy running and appreciate the way the Nike branding looks because it won’t cost you any additional money.

Is the Nike Apple Watch better than the regular?

The Nike Run Club app, which comes pre-installed and allows you to monitor your runs, views running history, and more, can be launched right from the watch face via a complication. This is an advantage over the standard version of watchOS.

Is there a downside to Nike Apple Watch?

Your options for bands are constrained as well. You have no other choice if you already own a Nike band or simply don’t like them. All of Apple’s bands are compatible with the Nike model, but you must purchase them separately in addition to the Nike band that comes with the watch because they cannot be purchased together at the time of purchase.

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