The ESR HaloLock charging pad is an innovative new product that allows you to charge your devices wirelessly. This charging pad is unique in that it uses magnetic field technology to create a secure connection between your device and the pad, so you can be sure your device is charging safely and efficiently.

This article discusses the ESR HaloLock charging pad, which is a pass-through charger that can provide charging speeds of up to 12.5 watts, and the brand new CryoBoost technology that ESR has added to their HaloLock MagSafe-compatible car charger. The HaloLock charging pad includes an active in-built cooling system and can easily handle higher-wattage wireless charging.

This will help keep your iPhone cool while charging and the charging status light lets you know the status of your device. It also doubles up as a HaloLock charging pad for your Apple Watch, with a built-in watch charger that supports up to 12.5 watts of power. The technology brings faster charging speeds, so you can appreciate the speed at which it charges your devices. This same technology is also applied to the car pass-through charger that comes with HaloLock, so you can enjoy faster speeds even when you’re on the go. In addition, it includes a cooling fan that further helps to keep your device cool while it charges, making it a great option for those who want both speed and safety when it comes to their devices.

The Halolock charging pad provides wireless charging speeds that are up to 20 times faster than a traditional power adapter and can charge any device such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, and even the Pro Max. The pad also features a wattage rating of up to 15W for total power output, making it one of the most powerful wireless charging pads on the market today. And thanks to its drop protection design, you can safely drop your device while it is on the charging pad without fear of damage. Additionally, the Halolock charging pad is built tough enough to handle bumpy roads and other harsh conditions.

The charging pad is designed to lay flat on your car’s dashboard, and it has an adjustable arm that can be pulled or thrown to reach any power outlet. With the Halolock, you can keep your devices charged while on the go and enjoy the entertainment value of your iPhones or other mobile devices wherever you go. The Halolock wireless car charger is designed with safety in mind. It has ESRs (Electronic Shock Resistance) that make it safe to use in any vehicle. The ESRs also ensure that your device will remain safe even if a sudden surge of electricity passes through the charger. This means you can rest assured knowing that your device will be safe even if it gets dropped during a drive. The Halolock wireless charger is also great for those who want to understand their wireless chargers limitations.

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The Halolock lets you take wireless chargers and shift them from one device to another without any hassle. I have been using the ESRs Halolock in1, and it has been great for charging my AirPods, as well as other wireless devices like my iPhone, iPad, and AirPods Pro. Not only does it charge these devices quickly and reliably but I also get easy notification reading and text answering using my phone. The Halolock Shift also provides additional features such as Wireless Charger Max which makes charging your AirPods even easier. All in all, the Halolock is a great way to keep all of your wireless devices charged quickly and easily.

It supports AirPods charging pad, regular wireless charging, and charge AirPods charging area. You can even juice up your 2nd generation AirPods Pro with the included cooling fan. It also offers other affordable options like dual device charging and is compatible with MagSafe charging case for iPhone, Apple Watch, and other Apple offerings. This is a great alternative to a standard charging stand or stick that many users are familiar with like Mophie or Max. Plus it offers fast charging capabilities so you won’t have to wait around for your devices to charge. Halolock is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their wireless devices charged while on the go.

Their house charger is designed to work with Apple Watch and iPhone, and charges up to three devices at once with wireless charging speeds up to 7.5W. It also supports the MagSafe technology for iPhones, so you can charge your AirPods on the dock as well. The charger base offers a car charger option so you can keep your devices charged while traveling, and the fastest available wireless charging speed is 15W for compatible phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The glass mounting plate offers a convenient way to charge your device without having to plug in a five foot cable. Halolock also offers an angled design which allows ample ventilation while holding your phone in place securely, even if you have an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This makes the Halolock car mount a perfect companion for your dashboard. The Halolock magnetic wireless car charger is a great way to keep your Halolock magnetic ring charged and ready to go. It features an efficient charging coil that can be attached to your dashboard with a clamp, making it easy to snap your phone on and off. The wireless car charger also offers a somewhat clunky mechanical experience when mounting it on your dashboard. However, the mounted charger does provide an ideal way for you to charge up any Airpods Pro or other car chargers you may have in your vehicle.

CompatibilityiOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
Locking MechanismAutomatic locking/unlocking via Bluetooth or manual unlock with backup key
Battery LifeUp to 12 months on a single CR2 battery
InstallationEasy installation on most standard deadbolts without any drilling or wiring required
Remote AccessControl and monitor lock status from anywhere with the Halolock app
Security FeaturesAES-128 bit encryption and dynamic key generation for added security
Price (USD)$129.99

Halolock is a global tech company that has recently come up with an innovative universal product that utilises its own Halolock TM system. The new iPhone 12 cases are excellent and feature the MagSafe technology, while also offering a variety of options including the minimalistic cloud bumper case and the series clear sidekick series. The Halolock car charger is also compatible with other devices and its Cryoboost technology offers maximum charging efficiency. Magnets are used to hold your device in place, making it easier for you to charge your phone without having to fumble around for cables or wires.

The Halolock Wireless Car Charger is a beautiful wireless car charger that uses a circular magnet to attach to your car’s air vent. It is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe technology and can charge any compatible iPhone with the ESR Halolock charger. The stability and good charging speeds make it very attractive for those who want to charge their iPhones in their cars without having to plug cables into their car chargers.

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Halolock is a prop fast charge that works with apples official magsafe charger and it will only take three hours to fully charge an iPhone. It also comes with two colours; black and white, and it supports the same charging speed as the official magsafe accessory. Moreover, you can use cyroboost feature to charge your phone even faster if you are watching videos. However, if you take the official magsafe charger it will take over 7 hours to fully charge your device. It is also foldable so it is very convenient for on-the-go situations.

Halolock has wireless charging capabilities, so you can charge your phone without any wires or chargers. The maximum charging speeds of Halolock is twice as fast as the standard chargers and the Charging CryoBoost unlocks even more power efficiency. And it is iPhone cool, meaning it will never slow your phone down or build up heat which are common issues with other chargers.

What is halolock?

To put it simply, halolock can be described as a toll for wireless charging of your iPhone. This means that you can charge your iPhone without a wire or cable in question. All you need in a halolock and that will be enough to charge your iPhone as its main purpose is magnetic wireless charging – you can stick it at the backcase of your phone.

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