How To Silence Calls From One Person Iphone

How To Silence Calls From One Person Iphone

To silence calls from one person on an iPhone, Open the “Phone” app and tap the “Recents” tab to see a list of recent calls. Find the contact you want to silence and tap on the “i” (information) icon next to the phone number. Scroll down and tap “Block this Caller.” Confirm by tapping “Block Contact.”

Whether you are annoyed with snazzy calls or spammy texts, you will be glad to hear it is pretty easy to silence specific contacts in your iPhone. You can mute a contact in the phone, to mute calls from it, as well as silence notifications from it. Muting text message alerts for a particular contact is much easier and more straight forward than silencing your phone calls. Unlike with message notifications, silencing calls on your phone and FaceTime is not so simple and easy to do just for a single contact.

While your iPhone or iPad comes with features such as silent mode, DND (Do Not Disturb), and focus that can reduce the amount of distractions that come from silencing texts and phone calls, there are still instances when you wish you could limit this only for a single contact. What if you just wanted to silencing a particular phone/message or contact.

Apart from this, if you wish to temporarily silence all calls, messages, and alerts on your device, simply enable Do Not Disturb on your iPhone or iPad, a really useful feature if you need a little downtime, concentration, or quiet. If you want to mute all notifications, messages and calls temporarily, you can head over to Focus under Settings and toggle Do Not Disturb.

While there is not an in-built option to switch silent mode on for just phone calls, you can mute all incoming calls by setting the Silent Ringtone in Settings. You can also silence incoming calls quickly from the phone by tapping on the Silent button on the linked smartwatch. Just as you can schedule notifications to silence over a certain time frame, you can also mute notifications for calls and apps on an iPhone according to where you are located.

Steps to Silence Calls from One Person on iPhone
1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone
2. Find the contact you want to silence
3. Tap the “i” icon next to their name
4. Scroll down and turn on “Silence Unknown Callers”
5. If you want to silence calls from this person only, tap “Block this Caller”
6. Turn on “Silence” and “Send to Voicemail”
7. You can also enable “Hide Alerts” to stop notifications for messages from this person
How to silence calls from one person iPhone

This will add an app to your “Automatically Turned On” section, and whenever you open that app, your Do Not Disturb Routine will activate, thereby silencing notifications from all calls and apps on the iPhone. Next, choose Applications and choose the specific application which, upon opening, will turn Do Not Disturb automatically. Select Do Not Disturb, which can be used as a general Do Not Disturb profile whenever you like.

Watch to learn how to silence calls from one person’s iphone

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb, tap Allow calls from, and select a group you would like notifications to come from, whether or not you have Silent mode enabled.

If you do not have the messages for the contacts you wish to put into Do Not Disturb mode, you can use the Contacts app to turn Do Not Disturb for any particular contact on your iPhone. Depending on the situation, you may want to place a select or a particular individual contact into Do Not Disturb mode, using the Messages app or Contacts app on iPhone. You will find below steps for turning on Do Not Disturb Mode for a single or multiple Individual Contacts on iPhone using both the Messages App as well as the Contacts App.

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Fortunately, you can easily silence messages from single contacts from most apps at any time, a bit like you can in messages. There you go, you learned the different ways you can silence contacts on your iPhone, whether their calls or messages.

Way to go; If you followed the steps mentioned above to mute a specific contact, then you will never get disturbed again by the calls of this individual. Do not worry, because this specific contact will not know you silenced his/her calls.

You may consider blocking a single contact, but that would be an unkind step if that person is near and dear to you, and you are not picking up their calls because they are bothersome. In case, you are annoyed with continuous messages from specific contacts(s), you could well choose to silence this conversation and remove those alarming notifications from this person. As we have mentioned, blocking the contact will make the person on the other end aware of being blocked, and this is way too crude; you can set a non-inaudible ringtone to the particular contact.

If you would like to have all incoming calls muted, but only for the select few contacts that you usually speak with, you can use the Do Not Disturb feature of the iPhone, and whitelist people within it. Next, enable the toggle to allow calls from Silenced people if you want to accept calls from people you have blocked in this manner anyway. You can also filter and mute calls from unknown callers by going into Settings —> Phone —> Silence Unknown Callers on your iPhone.

Make sure that Silence Notifications From is checked on top, and tap the + button and choose people from your contacts you would like to suppress notifications from. Here, you can manage which Focus Profiles allow apps to show that you silenced notifications. If you want to silence notifications for all calls and apps for a specific amount of time, you can do this with Do Not Disturb or any of the Focus scheduling options.

If you wish to absolutely stop all notifications and vibrations when actively using the iPhone or iPad, you can set Do Not Disturb (DND) to do exactly that. You can just put the iPhone on silent, which turns off all notifications sounds for all calls and messages, including the shutter sounds of your camera.

So, iOS 15 will turn off all the calls on the phone, apart from favorite, selected contacts, and no notifications from apps will be left unread. This way, you will be alerted to app notifications and text messages, but the iPhone will not ring if an incoming call comes in. This way, your calls and apps do not ring while a selected app is open on your screen.

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Emergency bypass on an iPhone allows the device to receive notifications and calls from specific contacts, even when in Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb. While you might need to block contacts if you do not want to get any messages or calls from them, the built-in function is a simple way to make sure that you are not getting any unwelcome notifications about texts. You can mute the phone globally when declined texts are checked, or configure Do Not Disturb Mode, too, or you can set Auto-Decline to reject any incoming calls that include texts.

Can you block a caller on iPhone without them knowing?

Once there, click “Block this Caller” at the bottom of the contact profile by scrolling down. You will get “no phone calls, messages, or FaceTime from anyone on the block list,” according to a pop-up confirmation. Once you’ve blocked them, you’re done. The caller who has been blocked won’t be aware of it.

How do I turn on Do Not Disturb for everyone but one person?

Scroll down and tap Do Not Disturb on the Sound and Vibration screen. Scroll down the Do Not Disturb screen and click the Calls, Messages, and Conversations option under the “Exceptions” section. Select the Favorite contacts only option from the selection that comes after tapping Calls on the next screen.

How do you silence a call on your iPhone without blocking it?

To find and choose the contact you wish to silence, use the search bar. Tap “Edit” in the top-right corner of the screen to continue. To set a unique ringtone for the contact, scroll down and hit “Ringtone.” Choose the “Silent Ringtone” that you recently uploaded to your iPhone here.

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