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How To Undelete Voicemails On Iphone

How To Undelete Voicemails On Iphone

How To Undelete Voicemails On Iphone

You should open your phone to the home screen and click on the phone app icon. From the right, click on the voicemail option. You will see a list of voicemail messages that are deleted. Click on the deleted messages to recover them.

You may recover voicemail messages that were deleted from an iPhone. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to restore a voicemail if the phone is physically damaged.

You cannot just recover deleted voicemails, and backing up means losing all of the data and settings you have currently on the iPhone. Yes, you can restore deleted iPhone voicemails in case you have accidentally deleted the messages that you wanted to retain. While restoring your iPhones voicemails is easy, there are a few situations when you cannot keep a prior message.

Apart from voicemail, users can lose other types of data on the iPhone as well. There are many actions which may cause the voicemail data loss in the iPhone or Android phones (such as accidental deletion, phone damage, malware, etc. In addition to incorrect deletion, many other reasons may cause a voicemail to lose on an iPhone, such as an iOS 15 update, a jailbreak fail, sync errors, device lost or damaged, etc.

Either, you might have accidentally deleted a crucial voicemail, or lost it because of an iOS update failure, corruption/damage of iPhone, sync failure, and more. There might be some unfortunate times where you might miss out on an important voicemail.

Keep in mind, though, even if you cannot see it, your lost voicemails are likely still on your iPhone. In your effort to recover the 1 or 2 voicemails that were accidentally lost, you are likely to end up deleting all of the other important information stored on your device. Basically, if a deleted voicemail has not been already overwritten by your phones other data, then you still have a chance to recover it.

To recover the voicemail, you can start by checking your deleted folder in your phone app. Tap on the “Deleted messages” menu to pull up a list of any voicemails that you deleted, but are still on your iPhone. To permanently delete your voicemails from your iPhone, you can tap on the Phone app and select Voicemail, and then tap on Deleted messages.

When you delete voicemails from iPhone, they go into the Recently Removed folder, allowing you to retrieve voicemails that you did not intend to delete, or that you want to listen to again. If you cannot find your voicemail in your deleted folder, restore it using the iPhone voicemail recovery tool. Tap and hold the voicemail that you want to recover, and then tap on Save to restore it to the Android device.

The voicemail will then automatically add itself back into your voicemails, where you can listen to the voicemail message again. You can replay a message multiple times as it will be automatically recovered and added back to your voicemail. Once the message is opened, tap undelete to retrieve the message and move it back to your normal voicemail inbox.

Tap on the voicemail message that you want to recover, and then tap on the trash icon (undelete) under it to return it to your primary folder. Here, tap on the voicemail you want to restore and click on the undelete button to restore it.

At this point, just go through the results of scanning and choose which voicemails you would like to recover. Since you want to recover deleted voicemails in iPhone, choose Voicemail and tap the Scan button at the lower-right of your screen.

You should open your phone to the home screen and click on the phone app iconOn your phone, go to the Voicemail App > Menu
From the right, click on the voicemail option A deleted voicemails option will be available. You can tap it to get a list of your phone’s deleted voicemails
Click on the deleted messages to recover themChoose the voicemail you wish to retrieve and then click the Save option
Steps to undelete a voicemail on iPhone and Samsung.

View your voicemail messages and choose one that you have accidentally deleted that you need to restore. If you have stored the data of your iPhone in iCloud, you can recover deleted iPhone voicemails as well, restoring the iPhone from an iCloud backup. If you backed up your iPhone data, including your voicemails, using iTunes, you can restore the iTunes backup.

To restore the voicemails from the iCloud backup, head over to Set Up your iPhone and select from the list which backup files you would like to restore your voicemails.

Watch this video to learn how to recover voicemail messages on your iPhone

Please stop using the iPhone and use a third-party tool immediately, such as FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery, to scan your iPhone directly and restore the permanently deleted voicemails, even without the backup. Apart from voicemails, FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery is also supported for recovering permanently deleted contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, notes, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, and other data from your iPhone or iPad. Apart from voicemails, third-party data recovery tools also support restoring deleted messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, WhatsApp, notes, voice memos, and more data from iPhone.

The data recovery tool, Phone Rescue, for Windows, could become a lifesaver, because it could easily recover deleted files from iPhone, including voicemails. In case you are unaware, UltFone iOS Data Recovery is a special software designed for recovering your accidentally deleted or lost files from iPhones or iPads.

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You might be wondering how long the deleted Vociemail messages are stored on the iPhone. I cannot say for sure about messages on my regular inbox, but it certainly seems that my deleted messages are stored in my iPhone. The Deleted messages folder only appears on the voicemail inbox, if you have any available voicemails for retrieval.

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If you have already deleted the deleted Messages folder, recovering the voicemails might still be possible. Assuming that you never cleared all your messages from that location (which you can do by tapping “Clear All”), any voicemails that you deleted here will be accessible for you. If you are also wondering how to listen to deleted voicemails, you will find the answer here, as this method will allow you to listen to any deleted voicemails on your phone as well.

Verizon says that deleting old voicemails, as well as the voicemails on your deleted messages folder in the iPhone, permanently deletes them and cannot be reversed, leading some to assume deleted VM messages are deleted from the carriers servers as well. If you ever went to “My Voicemail” and deleted any old or unnecessary voicemails, the truth is that you may not have deleted any of them in the first place. Fortunately, iPhones usually can help to prevent you from permanently deleting important voicemails, thanks to an integrated function that makes retrieving them a breeze.

How do I retrieve a deleted voicemail on my Samsung phone?

Step 1: On your phone, go to the Voicemail App > Menu. Step 2: A deleted voicemails option will be available. You can tap it to get a list of your phone’s deleted voicemails. Step 3: Choose the voicemail you wish to retrieve and then click the Save option.

How do I get back a deleted voicemail?

Open the app by clicking the Phone icon, then select the Voicemail menu. Scroll to the end of the phone screen and select View Deleted Messages. All recently deleted voicemails will be listed here. Choose the voicemails you want to retrieve > Press the Undelete button to instantly get them back.

Can I get old voicemails back?

The majority of carriers offer an app that allows users to view voicemails left on their system. Your previous voicemails ought to be included if you have access to them. Immediately contact your old voicemail access number from your cell phone if you don’t have access to this app.

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