Iphone 11 Colors

Iphone 11 Colors

iPhone 11 is available in six different colors that are so charming and attractive. These colors may include white, black, yellow, red, purple and green. According to previous selling history, it is concluded that white and black are the most popular and best-selling colors of iPhone 11.

The campaign has been going for years and is fairly known, meaning other people will notice you also chose to help out a good cause when making a purchase. Given the colors themselves are great, (PRODUCT)RED is the top pick for your iPhone 11 color of choice. Now that we are done with your color selection, you may want to take a look at our best iPhone 11 cases article for a little bit of protection for your brand-new handset. One of the most striking colors from the new iPhone 11 is Product Red, it is definitely the most vibrant option available right now, and Product Red stands out amongst its competitors. There is something about the new green color option that is incredibly interesting, and it fits with the iPhone 11 very well.

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In a darker tone, it would hide a fair amount of bruising, but not as much as the black version, which is better in those cases. It is worth noting that the iPhone 11s green color does not actually conceal scratches, dings, and bruising, making it a bit of an ugly looking device in a couple of years, regardless of how carefully you take care of it.

Unlike its yellow counterpart, the iPhone 11 Pro and the new iPhone 11 Max feature a darker shade. While Apple has kept some colors from last year, the new iPhone 11 has a far less shiny finish, with some colors, such as the yellow, having more of a matte appearance. One thing to keep in mind is that since the yellow iPhone 11 is an all-screen design, you cannot see as much color on the phone if you place the phone in a case.

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If you are using a case with the yellow iPhone 11, the phones color does not matter as much, as it is going to be fully covered with a case. If you do use a case, you are probably better off going with a plainer color, that way you will have a lot of options when the time comes to sell your yellow iPhone 11. The color of your iPhone 11 does not impact how much you will pay for the phone, though, so it is entirely up to you to decide what your preferred color is.

ModelAvailable Colors
iPhone 11Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, (PRODUCT)RED, White
iPhone 11 ProMidnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, Gold
iPhone 11 Pro MaxMidnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, Gold
Iphone 11 colors

It is nice to be different, however, and with a wide selection of yellow color options for the iPhone 11, you are bound to find something you are drawn to. If you are a longtime fan of Apples smartphones, then classic iPhone colors are probably a color in the half-dozen or so different colors on the iPhone 11 you simply cannot let go, though there are plenty of options.

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If you are counting on your iPhone 11 to not just be a phone, but a status symbol, you may want to steer clear of getting a yellow iPhone 11. But if you care nothing of the sort, by all means, get a yellow, if yellow is your color of choice out of these six. Last, but certainly not least, is the (PRODUCT) trademark red Apple Color. If you are relying on the iPhone 11 to serve not only as a phone but also a status symbol, then you might want to avoid getting a yellow iPhone 11.But if you do not care about any of that, then by all means go for the yellow, if the yellow is your favorite color among the six.Last, but not least, is Apples trademarked (PRODUCT) RED color. The downside is if you do wish to sell your iPhone 11, then you have to find somebody else who will love the colors that you chose. Black and white are the two colors in which nearly all iPhones are available. We gotta hand it to Apple, Apple colors are always spot-on. Picking either of these colors will give your phone a little bit more personality and will make it feel like a one-of-a-kind, no matter how complicated it is to say when you are talking about an iPhone.

Long gone are the days when you did not get a choice on which colors you wanted the phone to come in, now every new phone comes in all sorts of different colors and shades, and the iPhone 11 is no different. With the latest iPhones coming with the colors of your choice, the device feels like an extension of your body and mind. If you are a longtime user of the Black & White and are kind of bummed about the lack of a midnight-green iPhone 11 Pro, then the gray edition is the way to go.

Mind you, we are going to say the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a lot more like black than the color shown below, so it is certainly worth seeing this color first-hand. Heres the most interesting color in the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max generations — an earthy, forest green-looking shade that is subtle but striking.

Green is definitely the funky color in the iPhone 11 range – it is literally a pale pastel color that would be at home in springtime attire. Apple has cleverly stuck with a pretty pale shade of purple, using a more pastel-style colour similar to that used in the other versions of the iPhone 11, and it is a wise choice.

Nothing gives off more refined vibes than the colour silver, and that is exactly what Apple was going for when it introduced the new iPhone 11 Pro and Max in Silver. The Silver color has been popular with iPhone users for quite some time now, which is the reason this silver colorway is still obtainable in newer versions. One benefit with the iPhone 11 Purple Edition is that a portion of the cost that you pay for the colour goes towards good causes.

If I had to guess, I would say it is because Apple only sells so many models of Apples Pro-brand iPhones, so in order to be more efficient with manufacturing, they limited the colors available. In our opinion, the best color option for the iPhone 11 Pro is the midnight green variant, which is an awesome looking phone that not only has the color pop of the green, but also stays pretty subdued with green.

Is iPhone 11 better in white or black?

If you are sure that you want a timeless, uncomplicated look that can fit with anything, choose the white iPhone 11. White shows your desire to keep the brand-new appearance of your phone because it could show scuffs more readily than a darker hue. If white isn’t your thing, but you still want to make a safe decision, then space gray, space black, or black will be best.

Which model is best for iPhone 11?

The 128GB iPhone 11 is a fantastic and reasonably priced option if you don’t need the enhanced display and camera capabilities. Yet for the majority of consumers, the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro is the best choice because it has all the newest iPhone features, is comfortable to handle, and costs $100 less than the iPhone 11 Max Pro.

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