Iphone 11 Screen Protector Size

Iphone 11 Screen Protector Size

The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch diagonal display, which means that the ideal size for a screen protector is approximately 5.94 inches by 2.98 inches. However, there may be some variation in screen protector sizes depending on the specific brand and model.It’s also important to consider the material and quality of the screen protector. 

A good screen protector for the Iphone 11 is essential to keep its beautiful display quality. Tempered glass protectors are a common item that offer superior protection for the Apple screen. They provide great touch sensitivity and clarity, but also protect against scratches and other damage. A thin film protector is another option, but it doesn’t offer as much protection or clarity as tempered glass does. The Iphone 11 with a tempered glass protector will maintain its clarity while providing excellent protection against scratches and other damage.

Invisibleshields glass is a foolproof installation system that ensures your phone’s screen is completely protected. The thin Iphone 11 will benefit from an extra layer of clear tempered glass, which offers excellent sensor protection. An oleophobic coating is also applied to the glass screen, making it easy to clean and resistant to fingerprints and smudges. The Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Iphone 11 Pro Max offers maximum protection for all phones with edge-to-edge coverage and a 9H hardness rating. Its ultra thin tempered glass construction provides excellent protection without adding bulk or impeding the usage of your phone’s touchscreen capabilities.

The Iphone 11 Screen Protector Size offers full coverage of your phone’s screen, while its minimalistic design allows you to maintain the phones slim profile. Its edge design ensures that it fits perfectly with your phone’s curved edges, providing maximum protection with a more natural feel. Its thin design also ensures maximum touch sensitivity and proper orientation on flat portions of the screens. The screen size is perfect for phones with larger screens and provides ample protection without adding bulk or obscuring the display of your device.

The Iphone 11 Screen Protector Size is easy to install with an included installation kit that includes a cleaning cloth, dry wipes and dust removal stickers. The guide provided ensures a clean installation free of bubbles or other imperfections. An installation frame is also included to help make sure the protector fits perfectly on your phones screen. When the protector arrives, it already has a layer of protection applied to the adhesive side ensuring optimal performance and easy application.

BrandScreen Protector SizeCompatible Devices
amFilm6.1 inchesiPhone 11, iPhone XR
Spigen6.1 inchesiPhone 11, iPhone XR
JETech6.1 inchesiPhone 11, iPhone XR
TETHYS6.1 inchesiPhone 11, iPhone XR
Ailun6.1 inchesiPhone 11, iPhone XR
iPhone 11 screen protector size

Tech Armor is a top choice for iphone 11 screen protectors due to their precision-cut tempered glass and alignment kit for perfect fitting. Their screen protectors are designed to cover the entire iphone 11 screen, including the rounded edges of your device, providing maximum protection against scratches and fingerprints. The glass is treated with an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprint residue while also repelling dust and dirt. Additionally, Tech Armor provides a free cleaning cloth and lifetime replacements to ensure that your iphone 11 stays in perfect condition all year round. With excellent protection from drops, bumps, and scratches as well as easy installation with no bubbles or gaps between the protector and the phone’s cover case or glass screen; Tech Armor’s Iphone XR Screen Protector is an unbeatable choice for protecting your phone.

It offers strong silicone adhesions to ensure a secure hold and glass coverage to ensure your phones protection. This protector also has an impressive hardness rating of 9H which is known for its ability to protect against scratches, oil residue and other coatings. It does an excellent job at protecting your phone from drops and other damage while allowing you to still maintain a clear view of the screen. With this Iphone XR Screen Protector you can rest assured that your phone is well protected with no worry of scratches or damage.

Watch and learn how to install a screen protector on your iPhone

It’s made of protective film that is designed to protect the gorgeous Iphone 11 from any visual damage. This screen protector also preserves your phone’s touchscreens functionality, so you can still enjoy all the features with no distractions. Additionally, it comes with a good case cover and a glare screen for extra protection. The Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protector has a hardness rating of 9H which is designed to resist scratches and other forms of damage. With this protector, your new Iphone 11 will stay looking as good as new for many years to come!

It’s designed to give your screen maximum protection from scratches and cracks, even if you have an unlucky drop. Made from a hard surface, it won’t interfere with the functionality of your device or its structural integrity. It also covers the edges of the phone for extra protection against scratches and drops. For very little money, you can get peace of mind that your Iphone 11 is well protected. The screen protector will take all the wear and tear so that you don’t have to worry about any damage or having to replace it in a few months time!

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The new iPhone 11 Screen Protector is a precise optical performance ceramic glass shield that offers shatter protection and better scratch resistance. It gives your shiny new ceramic iPhone 11 a clear look with no hindrance to the touchscreen without any issue. Apples’ latest offering of ceramic glass shield provides maximum protection against scratches or drops. You can now enjoy all your apps and activities without worrying about any damage to the screen. Get this amazing product for a better experience of your Apple device!

Iphone 11 screen protector size is the perfect choice for your smartphone. It is designed to protect the finest displays of iPhone models and also gives a greater protection from scratches and dust. The iphone 11 pro max has an extra large screen size, but choosing the right size for it can be an easy task with this product. Its dimensions are precisely designed for all iphone models including XR, XS, XS Max and 11 Pro Max which makes it suitable to fit any smartphone perfectly.

The coverage protector offers maximum protection to your device’s display, edges and buttons. By going into the settings app, you can find an option in the menu to customize your iphone 11 screen protector size. The influencing factor of course is the model name which would give you different options to choose from. With this option available, you don’t have to worry about any accidental damage or scratches on your iphone due to its full edge-to-edge protection.

The Ringke Dual Easy cover iphone 11 Screen Protector is case friendly and provides ultimate protection for your phone’s glass. This dual layer screen protector is easy to install and comes with an additional film that can be used if needed. The friendly screen has a smooth finish so you don’t have to worry about any lagging or stuttering while using your phone. It also supports Apple cases which adds another layer of protection to the phones edge without making it look bulky or uncomfortable. With the Ringke Dual Easy, you can enjoy an eventful day without worrying about damaging your Iphone 11 Screen Protector Size due to its superior protection design.

It has a precise ear mic cutout that ensures delightful bad boys sound quality and an iphones curve for a comfortable and perfect fit. You don’t need to worry about dust and smudges on your expensive phone either since the price is reasonable. The Ringke Dual Easy stops at the bottom edge of your iphone 11, so you won’t have any raised edges that could inhibit your swiping capabilities.

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Is there a specific size that one has to abide by when buying screen protector for iPhone 11?

Not just for iPhone 11, but for any smartphone there is a specific size that one has to abide by when buying a screen protector. This is because the screen protector has to be of the exact same size as your phone screen in order to fit it perfectly and fulfill its purpose too.

Does an iPhone 11 fit in a 11 pro case?

Different sizes distinguish the iPhone 11 from the eleventh generation iPhone Pro. The iPhone 11 is marginally larger than that of the iPhone 11 Pro, despite the fact that both models’ back cameras are the same size. Thus, this same iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 cases seem to be incompatible.

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