Iphone Reminders Not Working

Iphone Reminders Not Working

If your iPhone reminders are not working, check to see that your reminders are turned on in the Settings app. If they are turned on, but still not working, try restarting your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your iPhone to its factory settings.

At first, you will want to see whether or not you set a notification tone to alert your reminders in iPhone. There is no easier way to solve the issue of your iPhone reminders not working, other than checking your reminders settings and seeing whether you set reminder alerts to None.

When Reminders iPhone Not Working occurs after updating your Reminders app, specifically, you need to check your iPhones iOS to make sure that it is a recent version. You may want to reset all of the settings of the iOS device if Reminders is not working on the device. To make sure that iOS Reminders App is working properly, head into Settings App-General-Software Update.

Iphone Reminders Not Working
UpdatingWhen Reminders iPhone Not Working occurs after updating your Reminders app
ResettingYou may want to reset all of the settings of the iOS device if Reminders is not working on the device.
General-Software Update. To make sure that iOS Reminders App is working properly, head into Settings App-General-Software Update.
Iphone Reminders Not Working

Since we are certain notifications are turned on for Reminders app, let us go ahead and reboot iPhone. After turning notifications on and making sure the Reminders app is still working, you should look into rebooting your iPhone to resolve any temporary malfunctions. When you disable notification settings on Reminders app in iPhone, it makes you stop getting reminder notifications from the app. Sometimes, we do not turn reminder notifications on, so please check if Reminders notifications are turned on your iPhone.

To allow Reminder notifications from popping up on iPhone, you will have to perform the following steps. Now, you should test whether or not you are able to receive Reminders notification on iPhone. Once you have installed Reminders, test to make sure that you are able to receive reminders on time.

Learn how to fix Iphone Reminders Not Working

After installing a new version of iOS, check if you are still missing your reminders, or they are active now. By default, you will receive notifications about your assigned reminders, but if not, head into your iPhones Settings > Reminders and make sure “Mute” notifications is turned off. If you already enabled Location first, go to iPhone Settings > General > Background App Refresh and make sure this is turned on for reminders. With this enabled, the iPhone Location Reminders that you set will begin working.

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After you have launched the iPhone settings, go to Notifications. Once in iPhones General settings, you will want to tap Sounds & Navigate to Reminders Alerts icon. Head into the Settings app on your iPhone, and tap on the Notifications menu. Here, tap Reminders, and be sure to turn Allow notifications on, as well as turn on any warnings under alerts.

You may want to try to remove the reminders widget from your Home Screen. If you updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 15 or IPADA 15, Reminders might not work when the Focus mode is enabled. You can disable the feature in the iOS devices Control Center to solve the Reminders Not Pop-Up problem. You might miss the Reminders notification when the iPhone or iPad is in Focus Mode.

If for whatever reason, your iOS device is in Silent Mode, you may know that the event reminders are coming up on your iPhone via vibration. If location-based reminders are not working properly on your iPhone or iPad, be sure you allowed the Reminders app to access the devices location. After you reset the settings, open the Reminders app (and your other must-have apps) and let it send notifications and access your location (if you are using location-based reminders). For common app crashes that happen to occur on the iPhone, a simple resetting of all settings may make this work.

While the resetting would delete all of the settings of the iPhone, it may solve the problem. As a final option, you may want to attempt erasing all the contents and settings on the iPhone, then restore from the backup. If that does not work, and you are still facing the same problem, you may want to reset the settings on your iPhone. If nothing has helped, then resetting all of your iPhone or iPad settings almost certainly will solve any problems with your reminders.

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Often, annoyances such as reminders that do not trigger at the right times may stem from a temporary issue that can be fixed by rebooting the iPhone 13 every few days, including right now. In rare situations, Apple servers might experience a temporary outage, which would cause the iCloud reminders not to sync to the iPhone 13. Since reminders are synchronized through iCloud across all of your Apple devices, sometimes they will experience issues and stop working properly. To fix the issue, check out our guide to deleting all completed reminders in one fell swoop on your iPhone and iPad.

Reminders are not working (at least, it seems like they are not working) because you turned notifications off, chose the low-sounding alarm tone, did not reboot or upgrade the iPhone or iPad for long, etc.

Other times, the issue might be Apples own, like bugs in iOS, or temporary disruptions to iCloud servers, that failed to sync the new reminders on your iPhone 13, and thus did not alert you on time. It is a common scenario for certain malfunctions to sneak into a device through normal use without turning off the iPhone. In many cases, iPhone apps do not work issues are caused by bugs in the legacy iOS. Your iPhone can be a lifesaver when reminding you of important days, meetings, tasks, and more, so it can be frustrating when iOS reminders app does not work as expected.

Maybe you added a task from the Mac Reminders app, and because of an outage in iCloud services, you are not going to get that on your iPhone.

If you turned off “Today” notifications, you will not receive reminders for tasks throughout the day. When you do not set a time, the iPhone alerts you to a reminder at 9am local time the day it is due. You will have to turn on alarms to make reminders work for your purposes. Chances are, your reminder issues are solved in the iPhone.

When this entire process is over, re-set the iPhone settings, and do not forget to check to see if the reminders are back to normal. When one of the above fixes works for you to fix the Reminders Not Working issue, then you should remove the Reminders from Apple and reinstall it. If the above solutions did not solve the problem, press on Reminders app icon in the lock screen or App Library and tap Remove App > Remove app > Remove.

Why are Reminders not notifying?

Try Google Reminders once more after making sure the app is up to date. Deletion of app cache data. Your Reminder notifications may not function properly if the app cache data has grown too big or has been damaged. Try using Google Reminders once again after clearing its cache.

How do I get my Reminders to work on my iPhone?

Activate Reminders by opening the Settings app, selecting [your name] > iCloud, then closing it. All of your reminders from all of your Apple devices with the same Apple ID logged in will be shown inside the Reminders app. Find out more about updating your iCloud reminders after updating to iOS 13 or later and iPadOS.

Can the iPhone show calendar reminders?

They are separate events; they are not shared. You can drag a Calendar event into Reminders and vice versa. In this scenario, the imported event in the Reminders app will have a Calendar icon next to it. If you click on it, the event will be displayed in the Calendar app.

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