Safari Picture In Picture

Safari Picture In Picture

Safari Picture in Picture is a feature that allows you to watch videos in a small window that floats above other windows or apps on your Mac. To use Picture in Picture in Safari, simply start playing a video and click the Picture in Picture button that appears in the video player.

Open YouTube Video in Safari on the Mac On a Mac, like usual Right-click this YouTube video When YouTubes native right-click menu appears, click it again. Visit the site you want to view the video, start playing, and click the third-party Safari extension to pull the video from your browser.

Simply open up the Safari OS Mac OS on your Mac computer, and go to the website where the video you want to watch is hosted. For sites such as these, you can open the site within the Helium application for macOS, in order to create a floating browser window where the video will appear.

Just like Safaris native tools, the videos should show up as a separate, smaller-scaled window, off of the Google Chrome browser. Unfortunately, there are limitations with this, since you cannot simply have a video show up in the middle of your screen. When you turn this feature on, the video shrinks down and moves around the corners of your Macs screen, still playing.

You can still trigger Picture In Picture manually for the video by tapping on the PiP button, but when you go back to the Home Screen or switch to a different app, Picture In Picture no longer surprises you. To leave Picture in Picture, you can tap on the PiP icon, and the video snaps back right to Safari. Picture-in-picture mode will not be compatible with YouTubes app until YouTube updates it with support, but you can view YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode via Safari for now.

Learn how to use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Safari

YouTube actually mentioned that Picture in Picture functionality is still available in the YouTube app on the iPhone, but it is restricted to Premium members on Android, something it was not the case until fairly recently (it is broadly available on iOS). If you do not have YouTube Premium and are in the US, you can still use PiP, but you cannot view some content, such as music videos. The same is true for Safari Browser, you can browse the web using the Safari Browser, and can watch YouTube videos, or HTML5-supported videos, using the PiP Mode on Mac.

1Open Safari on your Mac
2Navigate to a website with video content
3Start playing the video
4Right-click on the video and select “Enter Picture in Picture”
5The video will pop out into a separate window
6You can resize and move the window as desired
7To exit Picture in Picture mode, click on the blue Picture in Picture icon on the window, or simply close the window
8Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to enter and exit Picture in Picture mode: press Control + Shift + P to enter, and Control + Shift + W to exit
9Enjoy watching your video while continuing to browse the web!
Safari picture in picture

You can also use third-party extensions on most of the popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome for using PiP in YouTube. You will be able to access the feature on not only Safari and Apples apps, but third-party apps that also support it. This will turn on PiPifier extensions on Safari, meaning that you will now be able to use PiPifier right from your websites settings menu.

With Safari open on your Mac, click on Safari in the menu bar, choose Safari Extensions from the Mac App Store app that opens, type picture into pic, and choose which extension you want to use.

You can float the video window of Safari or iTunes/Apple TV above the desktop, or the app in its entirety. If you click the tiny floating window, you will get options for fast-forwarding, rewinding, playing, or pausing a video, and for maximizing it to full-screen.

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It lets you play videos in a resizable floating window on the Mac, while focusing on other tabs or apps. Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode is a feature that lets you view videos in a tiny floating window when you are browsing some other pages in Safari or performing any other task on a Mac. You have heard about picture-in-picture mode in smartphones, piP mode is what you are seeing in phones, using the navigation, making a video call, watching a video from YouTube, these things you could watch in PiP mode, which means that it lets you watch content in a little floating window on top of the other apps.

Apple introduced Picture-in-Picture feature with iOS 14, since then a number of apps released updates to benefit from this including Netflix, FaceTime, Safari, Google Chrome, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

To get into Picture In Picture, start playing the video, and then right-click or Control-click the video twice. When watching the video that you want to watch in PiP, just right-click the Volume icon on the address bar. If clicking does not work for websites such as Netflix, you may want to try right-clicking on the loudspeaker icon near the top on Safari, and on Google Chrome, right-clicking the Media Control icon at the top right.

Once you have started playing, you will notice the little audio icon in the tab header; you can either right-click or hold control when clicking that icon. Here, choose the “Mute” option for that tab instead, or press the X button in the top left to halt the video. To quit Safaris picture-in-picture feature, either click the X Symbol at the top left corner of its floater bar, or by clicking the Symbol near the Play button on the bar to swap to page view.

While watching a movie in Netflix, simply swipe up to go back to your home screen, and the playback continues in a floating window. While playback is going, all you need to do is swipe across to another app, or swipe up to go back to the homescreen, and a video automatically starts playing in a tiny thumbnail at the corners of your screen.

If you tap on the picture-in-picture icon, you will still be able to leave Picture In Picture, but the pop-up player will reconnect with your Safari web page and resume playing as normal.

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Unlike the Miniplayer option found on YouTubes embedded toolsbar, videos are supposed to show up in a separate, smaller-scaled window, external to the Safari browser. To use Picture In Picture with YouTube on iOS, you will need to download first PiPifier, an app by Arno Appenzeller which acts like an extension to Safari and lets you use PiP with any HTML5 video — basically, every video from a Web site on iOS — within Safari.

How do I get my Safari tabs back to normal?

You can select the tab bar layout in the Safari app that best suits your needs. The search field can be found at the top (Single Tab layout) or bottom (Tab Bar layout) of the screen, depending on the layout. Navigate to Settings > Safari and then select Tabs. Choose from Single Tab or Tab Bar.

What is Safari Picture in Picture?

You can view a movie in a separate window while using Safari for macOS’s Picture in Picture capability to explore the web. It enables you to continue viewing a movie while doing computer-related tasks.

How do I use Safari Picture in Picture?

Simply start playing a movie in Safari and then right-click on the video player to activate Safari Picture in Picture. The context menu option “Enter Picture in Picture” may be used to launch the video in a different window. The window may be resized and relocated to any location on your screen.

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