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Apple Watch Faces Free

Apple Watch Faces Free

Apple Watch Faces Free

The Apple Watch comes with a variety of pre-installed watch faces that you can customize with your own complications, colors, and more. Additionally, there are many third-party watch faces available for free or for purchase from the App Store. You can add new watch faces to your Apple Watch by using the Watch app on your iPhone. 

There are tons of faces to choose from, as well as options for customizing them. If you would like to take the customisation a step further, Facer has added new faces for Apple Watch, with options for things like NASA, Star Trek, and Tetris. Facer Watch Faces offers everything you need to personalize & customize your WearOS or Samsung Watch, including 100,000+ free and premium watch faces from leading brands & artists.

The selling point behind Facer is that users can access thousands of faces created by other designers, or even create custom faces for themselves within the app. Facer has both free and paid watch faces, which fill categories like abstract, stylish, futuristic, game, geek, illustration, sports, nature, etc. There are Top charts listing the most popular watch faces for you to get started.

Themes for faces include, but are not limited to, futuristic, gaming, geek, pop culture, and nature, and the community and Facers numerous partnerships with franchises such as Star Trek and Tetris ensure there are more than enough new watch faces to wade through. Whether graphical backgrounds, cool images, or classic mechanical watch faces are the user demand of the watch, the Watch Face Albums has plenty of both free and paid images for you to choose from. These images can also be downloaded online and set to the face of an Apple Watch free using Photos watch faces, so there is no need to download an app or sign up to a service to find yours.

Check out some custom Watch Faces on your Apple Watch

While some watch faces feature function complications, the Watch app is focused on artful photos, which you can download and then set as your Apple Watch images using either Photos or Kaleidoscopes watch faces. The Gallery of Watch Faces is not limited to watches, but it can also be used to make custom digital watches for your desktop, iPhone, and iPad.

Apple Watch Faces Christmas
Watch Face designs You will have to pay $2.99 a month or $24.99 a year to get.
Apples fitness+ Costs $9.99 per month (PS9.99 in the UK), but there is a one-month free trial.
Apple Watch Faces Christmas

While Watchsmith does not provide any pretty apple watch faces for download, it does allow custom complications to official faces that are available within the Watch app, up to and including having them rotate through the day. What we love about Watchsmith is that rather than simply offering watch faces for you to download and install from the get-go, you get to pick among a variety of dynamic complications, and set them to show up according to your rules. Here, you can customize your faces further, and Apples watch app also warns about apps required for adding any complications.

If you tap on the Get button, you will be able to download and install an app directly within the Watch app. You have the option of skipping installing these (the complications will simply display a blank space), or you can tap on the Get ? button to download an app.

Open means that you can download apps from the App Store, which offers galleries for various faces. You can also access a complete collection on Apple Watchs companion app, which has the complete gallery to add your own custom faces to your Apple Watch. Head into the Watch companion app and select a photo of yourself, then select the design (we went with the Radial one here) and you will be presented with the Kaleidoscope Face.

From the Face gallery on the Watch app, scroll down and tap on the Infograph face. To configure numbers, scroll down in the Face Gallery of the Watch app on your iPhone until you see a number face. This face offers only a single complication, which you can adjust to display the day, the weather, a reminder, or some other information.

Depending on which face you prefer, you can typically adjust it by changing its colors and styling. You can also mess around with font colors, too, so that your times and complications pop. You can modify background colors, add text, modify complications, achieve WiFi power, progress bars, etc. Additionally, you set up placements precisely to create the perfect watch face.

More than showing you the current time and an awesome choice of colors and designs, a face can show you heart rate, battery life, the current weather, extra complications with extra info, and an extensive array of custom features. If you want to display a variety of types of information, or access a variety of tools on Apple Watch, Count Up, Modular, and Infograph Faces let you add an array of data.

The app features curated designs by other Apple Watch users, which you can install onto your device with a few taps, as well as the option to create a custom design from scratch. For those who are not afraid to take customization to heart, Clockology is a leading solution to running fully customizable face designs on Apple Watch. Many of the fab faces that you can download through Clockologys app are totally free, but they have some exclusive face designs on watch faces that require a $2.99 monthly fee or $24.99 annual fee.

New to WatchOS 9, Apple is making Nike faces available for free for all Apple Watch owners. Alongside free faces, there are paid ones, such as animated options.

If you are not interested in having access to the new images, you can pay for one month, download as many backgrounds as you like — all of Apple Watchs fancy faces, for instance — then cancel your subscription. The only catch is that the free version allows for only two downloads a day, while a subscription will let users download multiple watch faces over 24 hours, should they decide to do so. The Pro subscription on Watchfacely plays a major role, since you are given only two options for downloading faces free of charge each day, and must opt for the subscription if you want to download more than two faces.

You are also able to download and try faces created and shared by other users. Leave the MobyFace app and open up Photos or Camera (we prefer Camera, as you will see a small Watch Face preview at the bottom left corner of your screen, which you can tap on to pull it up).

The other major new face addition coming to Watch Series 7, the Modular Duo takes advantage of Apples latest extra screen state. One of the new faces added with the Watch Series 7, and exclusive to this model, Contour is designed to showcase the curvier casing aspect on Apples latest smartwatches.

How do I get Apple Watch faces for free?

Using the free software Watch Face Albums, you may get many stunning and fantastic wallpapers for your Apple Watch. All of the watch faces were obtained through free internet sharing or with the owners’ permission. We advise downloading the entire album and syncing it with your Apple Watch.

What is the most popular Apple Watch face?

Since it was introduced in watchOS 6 and is compatible with Apple Watch SE and Watch Series 4 and beyond, it has been popular. Almost everybody using this watch face may find a color combination they enjoy, from a straightforward ceramic to a calming abyss blue.

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