How To Add Custom Emoji In Whatsapp

How To Add Custom Emoji In Whatsapp

WhatsApp does not have an in-built feature for adding custom emojis. However, you can use third-party apps to add custom emojis to WhatsApp on your smartphone. It’s important to note that custom emojis created in third-party keyboard apps may not be supported by all devices or platforms.

Use Capwings Custom Emoji Maker to create custom emoticons on your phone, computer, or tablet, opening the image editor right within the web browser. How to Make Custom Emojis on Android The best way to access multiple emoji options and make custom emojis on your Android device is via the Google Keyboard, or Gboard.

The Google Keyboard even has a feature that lets you take selfies using your camera, and generate nearly 100 custom emojis using your face. The app also has 5,000 phrases or sentences that you can pair with an emoji or sticker you select, helping you choose just the right things to say without having to think about them too hard. If you are running Android 4.4 or higher, Googles stock keyboard has a selection of emojis (just type in a word, like smile>>, to see a matching emoji).

TopicAdding Custom Emoji in WhatsApp
RequirementsThird-party app (Sticker Maker app)
StepsCreate custom emojis using the Sticker Maker app. Save the emojis as a pack and open WhatsApp and go to the Stickers section.Tap on the plus (+) button and select the custom emoji pack.
How to add custom emoji in whatsapp

The emoji menu is accessible from the stock keyboard either by tapping or long-pressing on the emoji/enter key on the bottom-right, or through the dedicated emoji key in the lower-left corner (depending on your settings).

Android users can download Gboard, set Gboard to the default keyboard, and head into Settings > Emojis, Stickers, & GIFs > Prompts when typing > Emojis. Already, when you tap on an emoji in Gboard, it gives you suggestions for various variations of that emoji. For instance, if you click a smiling face emoji and hold down, you will be presented with a number of different options, such as the smiling ghost or smiling heart, which you can use in place of a traditional smiling face.

Learn how to add custom emojis on WhatsApp

Absolutely DO NOT click on the smiling faces shown inside of the text input box — this really does go into Emoji Kitchen. Click on the smiley face icon within the Text box that you are using to type your messages, and select the Add Emoji and the Custom Emoji tabs in the following screen.

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From there, tap the picture and save it to a sticker of choice, following the prompts and choosing Add to Favorites, and you have your custom emoji ready for use on Android. Open WhatsApp, head over to the stickers section by tapping on the emoji icon on the left-hand side of your keyboard. To import the sticker pack into your WhatsApp, you will have to tap on your profile icon, located on the lower-right.

If your friends want to use your stickers, you can share your sticker pack with them from the Sticker Maker app. If you are not happy with the 12 sticker packs, you can download more from Play Store or App Store. Both App Store and Google Play Store boast tons of awesome sticker makers, so there is definitely no shortage of options.

Making your own stickers like these is fairly simple, but getting into Android and iOSs sticker sets is a bit more involved. The methods below essentially create stickers, or images, you can share on your favorite messaging apps, including Whatsapp.

Within your pre-installed Messages app on the iPhone, you can use Memoji to create stickers featuring yourself and animals called Animoji. To make a Memoji, you just need to open the Messages app and tap on the Memoji sticker option from the icon row on the bottom of the page (it is the one with the womans face surrounded by hearts). Simply tap the apps icon, type in whichever feed you would like to share one with, and your emoji is sent off to impress your friends.

Once updated, open up WhatsApp, tap on the Emoji button, then tap the Emoji icon that is given just at the bottom, right beside the GIF icon. Once your picture is selected, technically, you can make a smiley face without making further changes. Once Bitmoji launches and your free account is setup, head over to the “Avatar” section and use the different options offered to make your emoji.

The easiest way to create a emoji is via an emoji creator app such as Bitmoji for Android or Moji Maker for iOS. The Face Emoji Market allows users to customise any face, like the faces of friends, to make an emoji.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can easily make emojis yourself that closely mimic your looks and reactions. Some emojis are focused on a face, but you can also make character-based emojis that emphasize emotions with physical gestures. It may help to draw out gestures or expressions based on a general prompt for the emoticon (referring to a list of Emoji Shortcodes, such as these).

Doing this will help you visualise an expression that is really customized for the emoji, and it could be anything from an anthropomorphic plant, animal, or object, to cartoon versions of actual humans.

Depending on which apps and phones you are using, there are endless ways you can create funny emojis to send to friends. Google offers so many collections of emojis which can be used by people to make new ones and share feelings with others in an interesting and engaging manner. A user can use different apps that are available in the market to create customized emojis which he or she can use for instant messaging and social media.

As is the case on Android, you will find various websites which enable you to create emojis and save it on the hard disk, to share it with the preferred social media and messaging services. If for whatever reason you are reluctant to use the Google keyboard, no worries: There are still a number of options out there for emoji apps to extend your library of bizarre smiley faces. The emoji library continues to grow from year to year, and depending on which apps you own, your choices may differ.

After a few seconds, GBoard will generate a collection of custom stickers that you can use inside of your keyboard app. If you wish to remove the sticker set, you can do so from inside WhatsApp, first tapping on the circled + next to the tray icon. While blending with Gboard works in Facebook Messenger, you can also make sticker packs from your avatar in the app.

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That is, if you do not want the hassle of creating a meme, and you simply need a larger selection, then Emoji Kitchen is your ticket. The reason Whysapp stands out in the Custom Emoji Scale is because your creation looks like a full-fledged emoji, rather than a sticker.

Can I create my emojis?

You might be able to design unique emojis to use in communication apps like Slack. Emojis may be created in drawing applications like Adobe Illustrator, and the resulting graphics can be sent by email and text. The internet is full of online emoji-generators, such as Google’s Made With Code emoji project.

Can you import your own emojis?

To accomplish this, access your emoji menu by clicking on the smiling face symbol in your message box. Next, select Upload Image and Add Emoji. Give your emoji a name after choosing your emoji file. Once you have saved it, you may use it in apps on your phone.

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