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Outlook Calendar Sync With Iphone

Outlook Calendar Sync With iPhone

Open the settings app on your iPhone, and then tap on menu from the newly appeared menu, select mail. Then tap on accounts, add account and then from there choose This should be followed by entering your outlook username and password, and then toggle on the option for calendar syncing.

Using an iPhone, every change that you make on one of your calendars must sync to every device that you are signed in on. If you are logged into the same Outlook account, any changes you make to the calendars will sync across all your devices.

If you are not, you can head over to Outlook for iOS under Settings any time to ensure that Calendar Sync is turned on. If you have the latest version of iOS and Outlook installed on your iPhone, the calendar data should be synchronized through the cloud in the background. Once syncing is completed, Outlook is now able to share calendar data with your iPhones Calendar.

Just like with other sync options, when you finish the sync process, you should open your calendar app on the iPhone, then navigate to Calendar View within Microsoft Outlook. You can click the button next to Select Calendars to choose specific calendars for sync, or you can choose All Calendars to sync all your Microsoft Outlook calendars to your iPhone. Now, when you open the iPhones Calendar app, you will see events for your Outlook calendars, as well as other events that you added from your other sync accounts.

To sync your Outlook calendar to your iPhone, you can use iTunes, iCloud, or the iPhone Mail app. Using iCloud to sync Microsoft Outlook and iPhone calendars is not quite as easy as using the iPhone, but do not fret. To sync your iPhone calendar with an Outlook account for a backup, you could try using apps such as TouchCopy, which allows you to copy data over if needed.

Outlook Calendar
On iPhoneCalendar > Settings
On AndroidOpen the App Switcher and swipe the Outlook app card away.
In OutlookOpen iTunes to Click the calendar icon
Outlook Calendar

If you would like to backup your calendars by synching it with a computer, you can add the existing calendar on your iPhone to an Outlook account. However, you may not want to, or have the ability, to sync your calendars between devices using iPhone. If you have been sync-ing calendars using iTunes, one of the more common reasons is if sync is turned off on iPhone.

Learn how to sync your Outlook calendar with an iPhone

When using an iPhone, you cannot choose which calendars you would like synced from Outlook on your Mac. If you are using your calendar mostly on the iPhone, you have several options to consider if you are planning on syncing your Google calendars with your Outlook ones. Now, you have the choice of which calendars you want synced to your iPhone.

So, you can pick which Microsoft Outlook info you want synced to your iPhone (Emails, contacts, calendars, and reminders). As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is the platform that helps users manage and keep track of their emails, contacts, and calendars; you can also sync that data with your iPhone. One option is to download Microsofts free Outlook app on the App Store in order to manage email, calendar, and notes on the iPhone.

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Once you have got the free Microsoft Outlook app on your phone, you have the option of connecting it with your Google calendar so that all of your scheduling is in one place. To see your calendars in Outlook, open iTunes (install from App Store, if you have not done so already). Click the calendar icon to view all of your Google Calendar events in Outlook.

Now, you can access all of your Google Calendar meetings on Outlook, and you will have it all in one place. There, you can view all of your meetings clearly and in an organized way, without having to sync Google and Outlook accounts. If you are also using iCloud and Google, which also manages info such as contacts, emails, and calendars, then you might want to combine all of that info.

It used to be hard to sync your iCloud Calendar info with apps like Outlook, but Apple has improved iCloud and made it slightly easier. Unlike how you can sync your Google contacts on an iPhone X/8/7, which requires iCloud in order to work, sync your Outlook Calendar requires iTunes in order for things to be done. If you are an average Outlook user who manages your calendars on a computer, but want that data available on the iPhone, any one of the methods explained in this post will get you there by synching your Outlook calendar to the iPhone.

This method will work even if you add the calendar entry in your iCloud, the calendar will sync with Outlook and iPhone automatically. Once this is done, each new calendar entry in Outlook will show up on your iCloud and your iPhone. At this point, you can unplug the iPhone from the PC and check back to make sure that the events on your calendar are synchronized.

You might be asked at this point to decide whether you want to save existing calendar events to the iPhone, in which case you might get duplicate events in your calendar. As the image above shows, you are also given the option of syncing just recent and future calendar events. From there, you can tap on the toggle near calendar to disable the sync.

Once you have completed the syncing, any data automatically appears in the Calendar app, and you no longer face problems like double-bookings or overlaps in meetings. Performing your syncing process in this manner will enable third-party calendar apps like Calendly to access the iPhone account, opening up many opportunities for easier appointment settings, time management, and scheduling by email. Both versions provide you with the controls to natively manage your calendars across both iPhone and PC.

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You can opt for only sync calendars, if you wish to keep your work and play devices separate, but still want to have the ability to access your complete schedule in both. If you are having issues with your iPhones calendar not synching with Exchange or Outlook, you might want to check back on how you are making new entries in the iOS calendar app. All you have to get ready for before you synchronize Outlook and your iPhone calendar is to update iTunes to its latest version, following the steps below, in order to avoid problems such as iPhone not connecting to iTunes.

Once the link for the iCloud calendar is copied, simply head over to Outlooks web site and sign into your Outlook account (or use Outlooks desktop app). If you wish to sync iPhone calendars (including deleted ones as well as those that are deleted from the iPhone) in Microsoft Outlook to be displayed on the PC, then you will need a pro iPhone calendar extractor software, FoneLab.

Why isn’t my calendar syncing with my iPhone?

Ensure that the same Apple ID is used to log into iCloud on all of your devices. Check your iCloud settings to see if Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders are enabled. Make sure your device’s date and time settings are accurate for where you are right now.

Why is my Outlook not syncing with my iPhone?

The strange problem with the Outlook app not syncing can be quickly fixed by forcing it to close and then opening it again. On your Android or iOS smartphone, open the App Switcher and swipe the Outlook app card away. After that, restart Outlook. That ought to help things move again in the majority of cases.

Can you customize the Calendar?

On your iPhone, select Calendar > Settings, then click one of the following settings: General: Change the way your calendars are displayed, including the number of days each week that are shown, the day that your week begins, birthdays, and holidays. Add, remove, enable, and disable your calendar accounts.

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