Spotify Cover

Spotify Cover

Spotify offers a unique service to its users – the ability to create custom cover art for their playlists. To create cover art, simply select an image and click the “Create Cover Art” button. Spotify will then generate a custom image based on the selected image.

Before you begin creating Spotify cover art, pick a picture that represents the contents of your playlist. Because Spotify cover art is very impressive, some people might like to download the art for a music track they like best on Spotify and make it their wallpaper on a phone or PC. Although Spotify is filled with awesome cover art designs, fear not: You can create your own professional-looking cover art with ease.

In this article, we are going to walk through how you can upload your own cover art from Spotify Music songs, playlists, or albums. In this article, we are going to share recommended sizes for cover images for Spotify albums, how to perfect your design process, and a few useful tips.

In this post, we are going to look at how to design a highly effective Spotify playlist cover that grabs users attention, including looking at the best Spotify playlist cover sizes, as well as concrete best design practices. Before diving deeper into best practices, it is important to point out something that you should never use for a cover image of albums, podcasts, and playlists on Spotify. Here, we will share the straight-forward method for downloading and saving an original cover image for Spotify songs or albums.

Fortunately, creating or buying eye-catching covers for your Spotify music, albums, or playlists is a breeze thanks to our easy-to-use graphics design platform. Fortunately, creating appealing covers for playlists on Spotify is easy with our drag-and-drop graphic design software.

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When browsing through playlists on Spotify, you will notice that there are a wide variety of different cover styles and formats. If an album cover features a rock band, then you quickly learn the playlist might have rock songs. Thinking is not the mistake you want to make, though, because Spotify playlists and album covers actually play a large role in what users decide to listen to.

When changing the artwork, you are uploading songs into Spotify and creating personalised playlists and albums. If you are using Spotifys desktop version, you can edit album covers or add new cover art to your playlists. For the playlist cover, you might have noticed Spotify has created a collage using the album art of some of the songs in your playlist.

While changing an actual album cover is quite the challenge on Spotify, you should try to make an effort to put your own spin on all your playlists, songs, and albums.

In addition to that, Spotify offers you the option of adding a cover image, which adds a personal touch and makes identifying a particular playlist easier. With downloaded Spotify tracks, we are free to edit their cover art as needed, something which will be discussed in a later part. You can have a similar Spotify cover art, provided a usable one is also providing this playlist in their services.

Sorting involves getting the dimensions of the Spotify cover art and dimensions of Spotify cover art correct, among a lot of other things. Your Spotify playlist cover absolutely impacts how many plays it gets, so you want to put in the time and effort into creating a powerful, engaging image.

That is why you will notice every Spotify playlist cover we showcased in this post uses contrasting colors; this is a design tactic you need when your images are so small. Spotify has a darker color scheme, so if you want the artwork for a playlist to stand out, use lighter or brighter colors.

Color contrast, when used properly in Spotify cover art, could be one of the best ways for you to attract new audiences. If you would like to add some more visual appeal to your playlists, you can use Coverify to generate some great images and upload them as the covers of your playlists. These cover images can be used for various things, including playlists (in this case, these are known as Spotify playlist covers), albums, EPs, soundtracks, different artists, compilations, and singles.

If you have chosen the right photos for Spotify playlist covers, you can add some text, select the typeface, define font sizes, align text, and font colors. Use the customisation tools to upload any high-resolution picture, customize text as per your preference, and send in your order. This option comes with Spotifys URI code, which you can scan inside of Spotifys app using the phones camera to play the selected song automatically.

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In Spotifys mobile phone app, simply navigate to a songs details page, and then take the complete screenshot right away. If you are targeting more plays on Spotify, then you need to focus on every detail, including cover photos.

ServiceCustom playlist cover art
How to createSelect an image and click “Create Cover Art” button
CostNo cost
BenefitsAbility to upload your own music and market your own products without any costs on Spotify
Additional InfoCustom images generated based on the selected image
Spotify cover

Similar to the iPhone app, Android users can rearrange playlist songs to alter cover art, or download the photo from their device. You can change the cover art either by rearranging albums and songs on the playlist, or upload a custom cover image from a phone or computer. It is known that you cannot upload the music or album cover image directly from Spotify Music App or Web Player.

If you would rather download the cover art in a higher quality form from Spotify, then this method might be useful for you: Search for your Spotify albums title in the Amazon Store, and then download the CD cover art. TunePat Spotify Music Converter has a decent track record of downloading songs, albums, and playlists from Spotify, which include ID3 tags that contain the cover art. With TunePat Spotify Music Converter, we exported the songs we wanted from Spotify into Part 4, with all the ID3 tags preserved, along with album artwork, within the downloaded files.

It is up to you whether you use Spotify songs with Virtual DJ software, burn Spotify music into CD, offline play Spotify music using Windows Media Player, Groove Music, transfer Spotify music to phones, tablets, and MP3 players, download Spotify playlists into other music apps, and more.

SpotiPlus is made by Music lovers, who aim to help fellow Music fans organise and develop better artworks for their Spotify playlists. With our Custom Cover Art Design Package, you can even get in touch with a professional designer to make your cover art for you; that way, you save the time of working on your own art and content that you are publishing, and have professional-looking covers for your songs as well. It also helps your listeners easily find you across different platforms; for instance, if you are uploading your music to different platforms with different cover art, or no cover art at all, this is not super clear or confusing for your fans to find you.

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According to Spotify guidelines, the right dimensions of your playlists cover image should have a minimum size of 300px x 300px (this is the ratio of the one-by-one aspect ratio). The cover will have a size of 600 by 600 pixels, and you will be able to use it as a cover for any Spotify playlist, without having to scale your images.

How much does it cost to upload a cover to Spotify?

There will be no cost to you for the service. All you need to do is become well-known! On the platform, you are free to upload your own music. You can market your own products on Spotify without paying any costs.

How do I change my cover art on Spotify?

The playlist you wish to edit may be found by opening the Spotify app on your phone. The Edit playlist option is accessible after tapping the three-dot menu symbol. When you click on the standard cover image, you can either snap a new photo or select one from your phone’s collection of personalized cover photos.

Do artists get paid for covers?

Nevertheless, you are required to pay a fee to the song’s author if you do so (this is the licensing requirement). Furthermore, regardless of who covers a song and how numerous (or few) copies are sold, the royalty rate is consistently the same since it is “statutory,” which is set and not up to individual negotiation.

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