The Apple Weather Theverge

The Apple Weather Theverge

The Apple Weather app is a built-in application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices that provides users with current weather conditions and forecasts for their current location or any location they choose to add. The app also includes features like severe weather alerts, radar and satellite maps, and the ability to add multiple locations. 

An Apple Weather glitch The issue has been making the rounds about Apple Weather, leading to some foolish speculation about whether the app is designed to avoid showing 69degF as the temperature. A strange iOS bug means that your iPhone cannot display 69deg as the temperature in Apples Weather app.

In fact, only iPhones running the latest version of the app are having trouble getting it to display the 69-degree weather. Apples own native Weather app refuses to display 69 degrees anywhere in its forecast, whether for current temperatures, an hourly daytime forecast, or an extended one. Apples Weather app shows the current temperature, the hourly readings, and readings over the next 24 hours, as well as giving ten-day forecasts for locations all over the world.

The built-in apps in current versions of iOS and iPadOS, the software on iPhones and iPads, seem to round temperatures up to either 68 degrees or 70 degrees. In a bizarre twist, iOS 14.6 and some earlier versions stop temperatures on the iPhone showing up as 69 degrees on their default Weather app, even though this is the actual reading. The Weather app in some of Apples iOS versions reportedly refuses to show 69 even though that is marking the real temperature at a location.

According to The Verges experiments into this, the iOS 14.6 versions of the app will not display the number 69 anywhere. It seems that a possible explanation for Apple intentionally hiding the 69 is not likely correct. This would explain why the number 69 never appears, if Apple is using full, circular numbers in the Celcius system for weather displayed in the Weather App.

FeaturesApple Weather App
Weather ConditionsIt provides users with current weather conditions and forecasts for their current location or any location they choose to add
Weather AlertsThe app also includes features like severe weather alerts
MapsIt also comes with radar and satellite maps
Add LocationsMoreover it includes the ability to add multiple locations
Features offered by Apple Weather App.

It is possible Apple is converting Celsius temperatures into Fahrenheit, resulting in certain numbers being rounded off all the time, or rounded off at all. One former Apple engineer even created a whole graph showing which Fahrenheit temperatures are not reported when converted from Celsius. Of course, in the real world, you might be getting temperatures that are a half-degree warmer, but iPhones show temperatures at almost a full degree.

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Instead of showing 69 degrees, it rounds up or down the temperature to either 70 or 68 degrees instead. Even stranger, the weather widget in your iPhones home screen may display 69 degrees, and so does the weather site that Apple takes you to.

Since the Weather widget can show 69 degrees, it is pretty safe to rule out one more possible explanation. Other weather sources, including Dark Sky – owned by Apple – also do not seem to have any problem showing 69 degrees.

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It is not clear whether rounding is a strange error or if it is a deliberate move, meant to prevent people from taking screenshots and turning weather into memes. Apple has not commented on the matter, so you will need to keep your quips about how it is a beautiful day outside to yourself for the time being.

It might be the Internets favorite, most meme-able number (other than 420), but there seems no time in Apples world for that kind of humor. The number is frequently butt of a lot of jokes online, since it is referred to by a famous sexual location.

Suffice it to say, on first impression, Apple seems to censor suggestions that temperature might somehow have something to do with sex. Any temperature other than 69 degrees, in fact, since Apples Weather iOS, as of its current release, iOS 14.6, apparently refuses to show 69 degrees, even though the actual temperature in any given location is, in fact, 69 degrees. According to a bit of digging on The Verge, recent stable versions of iOS have blocked temperatures above 69deg.

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The Verge notes that iOS 11.2.1 displays temperatures exactly, but the Apple iOS 14.6 software has an odd quirk of showing temperatures at 65F. The iOS 15 beta displays numbers correctly, suggesting that the odd quirk may be a bug Apple has noticed and has a fix in store in its next major update.

A phone running iOS 11.2.1 shows the exact data at 69 degrees, and phones running the forthcoming iOS 15 also do, so perhaps this problem is unique to the latest update from Apple (or has been identified and fixed before). It has been reported that iPhones running iOS 11.2.1 through iOS 15 all showed an accurate measurement of 69 degrees, so Apple appears to be pushing around in the recent update.

In the iOS 15 update, which came out in fall of this year, Apple revamped the Apple Weather app, featuring a new animated backgrounds for rainfall and air quality, the layout changing depending on prevailing weather conditions such as wind, rain forecast, etc.

Alongside a 12.9-inch display and new names, Apple is working on something shady, which is considered surprising. There simply are not as many secrets as company projects written up, and Project X does not resemble Project Titan (the vehicle). The DigiTimes report is pretty baffling, and it is also dubious, as Apple claims that the company has no plans for a merger between iOS and Mac OS X.

The Verge has reached out to Apple for comment, and The Verge will certainly update this post when we hear back. I do not believe Intel has ever mentioned the company or Mac in TV ads prior to this campaign.

Compare that to the huge joint marketing campaigns that the company has done with iPhone cell carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The iPhone carriers partnerships The company has are far more partnership-y than the relationship it has ever had with Intel. Apples relationship with Intel is still very much in its infancy, and the majority of pro-level Mac models that the company sells today are Intel-based anyway.

Apples said that Apples watch Ultra is designed to last for up to 36 hours of use (meaning that you could use it for an entire day, then some), with low-power modes on WatchOS 9 that will take this further. Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee said other weather apps and phones showed outside temperatures at 69 degrees, whereas weather apps showed it at 68 degrees.

Is AccuWeather or Apple Weather more accurate?

With the lowest average absolute error and the highest percentage of forecast accuracy within 3 degrees F, AccuWeather was the obvious winner in this extensive test that examined more than 25 million weather forecasts from more than 1,000 sites across the world.

What is Apple doing with Darksky?

In 2020, Apple purchased the weather app Dark Sky and included its technology in the “Weather” app that is pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. The app now offers alerts for severe weather situations along with precise and hyperlocal meteorological information.

What happened to Darksky?

Apple purchased the well-liked weather app Dark Sky in 2020. The app was terminated after the purchase, and Apple’s built-in “Weather” app now uses its technology. Users of Apple devices may now access Dark Sky’s weather data, including its distinctive hyperlocal weather forecast capability.

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