Ios 10.3 Beta

Ios 10.3 Beta

The iOS 10.3 beta was a pre-release version of the iOS 10.3 operating system for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It was available to registered developers and beta testers to test the new features and improvements before the final release.

Beta testers who sign up to the Apple Beta Testing Program The Apple Beta Testing Program will get an iOS 10.3 Beta update via over-the-air download once they install the appropriate certificates to their iOS devices. Additionally, the emergency contacts that you select will get an email stating you require assistance, as well as a map showing where you are located. Members of the Apple beta software program can install iOS 10.3.2 beta 2 through OTA updates, or through the developer portal.

IOS 10.3.3 is available for download now, though you will either have to be a registered developer or be part of Apples Public Beta Testing program. Typically, Apple releases the beta for developers to test first, and then the public Apple Beta Program is released one or two days later. Apple has made the iOS 10.3.3 beta 6 available for developers and public beta testers this morning, the release is a bug-fix update that mostly focusses on security updates, bug fixes, and more.

Apple devices Features
iPhoneavailable to registered developers
iPadbeta testers to test the new features
iPod Touchimprovements before the final release
Operating on Apple devices and Features of IOS 10.3 beta

Apple has released the third beta version of iOS 10.3.2 this morning, which is an update to iOS 10.3, itself a refreshed version of the iOS 10, Apples current mobile OS. IOS 10.3, which itself is a refreshed version of iOS 10, Apples current mobile OS. While most of you are going to want to wait until the final iOS 10.3.3 is released, some of you may want to go ahead and try out Apples iOS 10.3.3 beta now. Apple has been beta testing the iOS 10.3.3 software update for some time, and this may ultimately become the last iOS 10 version, ahead of iOS 11s September release.

Apple today seeded a third beta for its upcoming iOS 10.3 update to developers, two weeks after seeding a second beta of iOS 10.3 and over two months since it released iOS 10.2, the last major update for the iOS 10 operating system. Alongside the new iOS software, Apple took its time to also launch the fifth betas of WatchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 for developers. Staying true to its previous launch cycle, Apple released a number of new betas, with iOS 10.3.3, watchOS 3.2.3, tvOS 10.2.2, and macOS Sierra 10.12.6 available to developers to test.

Check out iOS 10.3 beta 1 features 

Apple similarly released a packed beta this time last year with iOS 9.3, including Night Shift, new CarPlay features, and updated stock apps. The most recent iOS 10.2 beta was released in December, packing new emoji fonts, Music on iPhone adjustments, and Apples new TV app. Apples first iOS 10.3.3 beta, released Tuesday for registered developers, hinted that the refresh of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro was coming.

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According to one press report, Apples planning on rolling out an imminent iOS beta in January. A notice on Apples recently released iOS 10.3 beta, which was discovered by 9to5Mac, suggests the upcoming iOS release will drop support for 32-bit apps entirely. The switch to 64-bit app support would also likely mean the upcoming iOS release would not launch for those devices running on the 32-bit architecture, specifically iPhone 5c and fourth-generation iPads, as well as early iPad Minis.

My advice is to make do with iOS 11 and continue updating to the latest beta version when it becomes available, which will address a lot of bugs. This beta is loaded with a few bugs, and users have reported stability issues, so if you cannot stomach even annoying bugs in the iOS beta, you can downgrade to iOS 14.8/10.3.2 on your iPhone/iPad.

What you have to do first in order to downgrade your iPhone or iPad in question is to download iOS 10.3.3 installation files to your computer. Once you have completed downloading, plug the iOS device into a computer running the latest version of iTunes. Once it is done, choose which OS you want to install, and Apple will ask you to upload the profile on the iPhone.

Keep in mind, now that you have deleted your beta profile from your iOS device, you will not get any beta updates any more in the future, unless you go back to the beta program site and download your beta profile again. While the beta process is pretty straightforward, anytime you make a major change to your iPhone or iPad, you are at risk for problems.

Since the public beta is installed on iPhones and iPads owned by end users, and the developer beta is only installed, theoretically, on review devices, Apple simply wants to ensure there are no serious bugs before the new software is released to the public. Fortunately, with the Apple Software Beta Program, Apple is taking things up a notch, giving public testers the opportunity to experience Cupertinos latest software without having to fork over a penny.

The upcoming version of Apples browser, Safari 10.1, is going to be bundled with the companys upcoming big iOS update. In terms of the other features that were highlighted in iOS 10.3s first Developer Beta, Andrew Cunningham mentioned more options in SiriKit is Payments and Ride-Share domains (Ride reservations are now scheduled, and payment status is available), more weather data accessible via 3D Touch on Maps, and improvements to the iOS 10 conversation view on Mail. My favorite upgrade is a new shortcut to the Weather app 3D Touch on the Weather app icon at the corner of the Maps app.

As the big 10.x update, iOS 10.3 introduced the new option to Find my AirPods that helps users find lost AirPods. To see whether or not your device is compatible with iOS 10, you can see details in our post on iOS 10 compatibility here. The following guide helps you download and install iOS 10/10.2.1/10.2/10.1.1/10.0.1/10.0.2/10.0.3 the right way on a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device, covering both the OTA upgrade methods and a clean installation method using iTunes.

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The final download IPSW links for iOS 10 / 10.3 / 10.2.1 / 10.2 / 10.1.1 / 10.1 are available for installation on iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, SE, 5s, 5c, 5, iPad 4 and above, and iPod touch 6th-generation. For further details of changes in each respective operating systems beta, please refer to source links. Note that bugs are frequently found in betas, so if you would rather wait until the final iOS 10.3 release, that is still around a month away.

How do I revert to an older version of iOS?

As upgrading your iPhone involves entirely deleting it and installing a new version of iOS without any of your prior data, be sure to keep a backup. Download the desired iOS version from, then launch iTunes while your phone is connected. To downgrade your iOS, select “Restore” and press “Shift/Opt.”

What are some new features in the iOS 10.3 beta?

Some new features in the iOS 10.3 beta include a Find My AirPods feature, a redesigned app switcher, and improvements to Siri and Apple Music. The beta also includes security updates and bug fixes.

Should I install the iOS 10.3 beta on my iPhone?

It is not recommended to install the iOS 10.3 beta on your iPhone unless you are an experienced developer or have a spare device to test it on. Beta software can be unstable and may cause issues with your device, so it’s important to proceed with caution.

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