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Using Iphone 7 Without Case

Using Iphone 7 Without Case

Using Iphone 7 Without Case

Using iPhone 7 without a case is not a big deal. Most people use their iPhones without cases and some people use cases just for reassurance that their expensive phone is safe. Usually, iPhones don’t bend until a heavy force is applied to them. So it’s up to you whether you will like to use a case or not

The argument over whether or not to use your phone in a case has divided many iPhone faithful. Most would likely prefer to leave their phones bare, especially when the phones are sleek like the iPhone 7. Those who still want to enjoy the aesthetics of iPhone design can still opt for a transparent case for the phone. Plus, if you are upgrading and looking to sell the older iPhone, the actual phone will look just as new thanks to the case.

If you have an old iPhone case lying around that you would like to reuse, then great. If you own a high-end smartphone, you need to put a case on it to protect it. If you do not like using a case, or putting something else on your phone, but you still want to protect it, consider getting a smartphone sleeve.

If you do not like using cases, but still want to protect your device, consider these alternatives that will still keep your phone safe. These days, you can get some amazing cases designed to be as thin as possible, yet offer your phone protection. Here are a few options that you can use to keep your phone safe without using a case.

If none of the alternative cases are working for you, then consider protecting your phones ports, at least. If you are not looking to get a case on your smartphone, you should at least be protecting your screen.

A phone case would provide some sort of barrier to the iPhones camera and flash. Not having a case on the phone means dropping it can cause device damage. Most people will use a case on their smartphones to help keep them safe from harm.

Find out if it is ok to use an iphone 7 without a case

While a smartphone case does not protect your smartphone in the event that you drop it, it is a lot thinner than a case, and many cases seem to be virtually invisible. That is why a sleeve may be a better choice, since it keeps your iPhone protected when in a bag or pocket, but shows off the phone fully when you are using it. Even if you are using a sleeve for your phone that is technically designed for a different model, and your sleeve is off by just a few millimeters, it is still a safer choice than not having any kind of case for your phone. Instead of having an iPhone or Android device stuck inside of a case, there are a few other options out there that will not add so much bulk or thickness.

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If you are worried about scraping your iPhones finish, consider using a case or cover. Conventional wisdom says that you should use a case to protect your valuable iPhone or Android smartphone. The downside to using your iPhone without a case can be a risk of wearing down or breaking the expensive device if you are not careful. I actually enjoy using an iPhone without a case, though, and the gripping texture makes handling my iPhone 7 Plus considerably easier.

As for microabrasions and scratches, I am completely fine continuing to use my iPhone case-free, as before. Despite all of this, I still think the iPhone is better off without a case. For now, I am going to keep getting some added peace of mind by getting myself one of the better iPhone 13 cases.

You may also want to look at The best iPhone 8 case and iPhone 8 Plus case, The best screen protectors for the Apple Watch, and The best iPhone 7 screen protectors. If you are looking for a case that does not sacrifice any of the premium looks of the iPhone 7, the Otterbox Strada Case is a great choice. The case is capable of holding credit cards, and thanks to its folio design, your iPhone 7s screen will receive added protection against falls. The Caseology iPhone 7 Parallax case has an elegant design and an appealing, maroon-on-gold appearance, perfect for anyone looking to dress their phone a bit different from its peers.

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Apples new Jet Black coating on the iPhone 7 has a glossy finish and a glass-like feel, making it ultra-tempting to use caseless. I have not had a case on my iPhone since getting it, and have enjoyed feeling the industrial design of the device whenever I pick it up. I also dropped my iPhone 7 Plus twice in my first week-and-a-half using it case-free.

I will report back on how well the screen sides held up after drops. I should note I am not a phone-baby. I am constantly wiping down the back cover with a shirt, as I am doing already with the screen. For me, iPhones are actually fine with no casing, just the hardened glass, obviously. I never carry anything in my pocket and it is always turned to face-up to the screen, and I am trying to avoid scratches to any part of the glass of SE.

One advantage to using iPhone without a case is the real small, compact beauty design. Battery cases are not for everyone, but this one is smarter than most, managing intelligently when an iPhone 7 is powered from its battery and from that of a case. Some smartphone cases either add additional battery life (allowing for more hours without charging) or double as a simple wallet for essential cards like your ID or your debit card.

Prevents the phone from overheatingIt will make your phone breakable and damageable
Allows you to charge your phone quicklyIt can make your phone age faster
Allows your phone to have better signal strengthIt can lead to greater loss in the long run
It helps your phone to have better performanceIt loosens your grip with the phone
Pros and Cons of using your phone without case.

If you are not into cases, or do not often use your phone, then a case may not be something you need. Whether you prefer your phone to be exposed, or you simply do not want to spend the extra money for a case, this is a personal preference for some.

Just take a look at the reviews for certain cases with high protection levels on Amazon, and you will see a scattershot of reviews of people breaking their phones within the first week or so of using a case. In fact, according to a few industry sources, there are many claims about broken phones reportedly made for iPhones in cases.

It seems like buying a case might be an ideal way to keep your device safe. If you have ever had your iPhone repaired, you will know that compared to repairing your phone, a case is worth very little. Aside from playing around with the cool new features and getting all of your data off your old device, you are likely throwing the phone into the case.

Can you use iPhone 7 without a case?

It is alluring to use the iPhone 7 without a case because of Apple’s new Jet Black finish, which has a high gloss appearance and a glass-like grip. However, Apple properly advises users to wear a case to prevent accumulating these tiny scratches because the shiny surface is prone to “micro abrasions” from constant use.

Is the iPhone 7 actually waterproof?

First iPhones to be water-resistant were the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. As the first iPhones to be given the IP67 rating, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are resistant to spills and can withstand being immersed for up to 30 minutes in fresh water without suffering any damage.

Is iPhone 7 camera scratch proof?

Considering that the chassis is composed of aluminium, it is also remarkably scratch resistant. The camera lens of the iPhone 7, on the other hand, looks to scratch readily; a pick with a Mohs hardness of six caused severe scratches on the lens. iPhone 7 camera lens cover with deep scratches.

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