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Apple Trade In Value Calculator

Apple Trade In Value Calculator

Apple Trade In Value Calculator

Apple offers a trade-in value calculator on their website to determine the value of your current device. You can select the model, capacity, and condition of your device to get an estimated trade-in value. The calculator applies the value as a credit towards a new Apple device or an Apple Store gift card.

For an online trade-in, you can ship your device for free, and Apple will automatically apply the amount as a store credit toward your new purchase, as long as your device is paid for in full. If, however, you are trading an item in online, but did not make a purchase at the time, you get the entire amount back in Apple gift cards. If you have not purchased a new iPhone but want to still trade in an older device, you will receive an Apple Gift Card for the cost of it.

Depending on if you are trading online or at an Apple store, this payment will either be an immediate credit, Apple Gift Card, or it will be applied toward your existing purchase. If you are making payments for Apple iPhones, your estimated trade-in value will be applied toward your new iPhones total price. Our Trade-In Calculator helps you to estimate your Apple value and set up other cash for the cost of buying your new one.

When it is done, you will see an estimated iMac value, and an option to trade in your iMac for an Apple Store gift card, if you prefer. Open up your browser and go to Apples GiveBack site to find out your devices estimated value.

DeviceTrade-in Value
iPhone 13 Pro MaxUp to $1000
iPhone 13 ProUp to $830
iPhone 13Up to $700
iPhone 13 miniUp to $530
iPhone SE (2nd gen)Up to $230
iPhone 11 Pro MaxUp to $400
iPhone 11 ProUp to $330
iPhone 11Up to $260
Apple trade in value calculator

Basically, Apples GiveBack program lets you figure out how much your device is worth, either by trading it in, sending it in for an Apple Store gift card, or just recycling it. Apple even lets you trade other devices just for recycling, meaning that you do not receive any cash value towards a new product, but get a chance to dispose of your electronics safely – both good for the environment and for your digital privacy. Companies that sell iPhones, whether Apple or wireless carriers, will usually let you trade in an iPhone so that value goes towards a new device.

Apples Trade-In Credit only leaves those who exchange their older iPhones stuck buying new ones, whereas users of SellYourMac may receive either a credit towards a new iPhone or receive payment once they have traded in their device. SellYourMacs estimated trade-in value for your old iPhone will ensure that you receive either credit or cash toward the purchase of a new one, like an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12 Mini. It is important to check your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook) trade-in value before upgrading.

Until May 31, Apple is increasing the trade-in values of many iPhones, Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches at several Apple Online Stores worldwide, including U.S. stores and U.K. stores. If there is one device category in which Apple is breaking with its trend of offering lower trade-in values, it is in Apple Watches. This is particularly the case at Apple, where much of its business is built on customers trading in their older devices to help pay for new models, such as the iPhone 12.

Learn how to use Apple Trade-In to apply the value toward your new purchase

In fact, some Apple fanatics cannot help but trade in their current iPhones whenever new models are released. Apple does not accept trade-ins of current-generation iPhones, which means that youall need to wait for the announcement of the new model before you can swap in your last-gen one (then). Many times, when we update an iPhone, we will either trade in the current model with Apple or with our phone provider.

To trade in an iPhone through Apple, you need to own an iPhone model falling in the range of the 6s to the 12 Pro Max. Similar to Apples trade-in values, trade-in values of Apple iPads are good for new devices, but not as good for older ones. As you can see, Apples trade-in values in almost all cases are utterly dwarfed by what you would receive selling the same device on Swappa.

You can see all of Apples up-to-date rates at Apples trade-in site Apple-Apple, but we wanted to show you the contrast between the current and past trade-in rates. There is a possibility that you might be able to recoup some money for your items, although Best Buys values are rarely better than Apples.

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If you are unhappy with the updated trade-in valuation that you received from the trade-in online, Apple will return your device to you at no charge (unlike some others we have known). For devices that do not have any more trade-in value, Apple will offer to recycle the device for you at no extra cost. In case you are considering switching, Apple will now let you trade-in an Android device for Apple credit–a smart way of getting the folks who are on the fence on board.

Yes, Apple is literally taking used devices, which you can use to convert to credits toward a new one. The reveal means that now is a great time to swap out that old MacBook before the July launch of the new MacBook Air, so that you get the maximum bang for your buck.

If you agree to the trade-in valuation online while buying a new Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, we will arrange to have you ship your old device to us. Once you are there, you will be guided through a number of questions and prompts that will be used to estimate your devices trade-in value, such as model, the color of your device, how much storage space it has, and which networks you are using.

If the experts at Apples valuations do not match up with what you originally described, then your devices trade-in value will be adjusted accordingly. Apples trade-in-device program for new iPhones does not have the same values offered by SellYourMac. Whether you are looking for great trade-in values on a device, or just looking for any kind of new device deal, Verizons Deals page will keep you informed and updated with Verizons latest promotions and offers.

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How is Apple’s trade-in value determined?

The specialists at Apple will inspect your item once it is arrived to determine its condition. If their evaluation differs from what you first provided, the trade-in value of your equipment will be changed. After accepting the deal, you will receive a credit that may be spent online or in stores.

What devices are eligible for trade-in with Apple Trade In?

Both Apple and non-Apple gadgets are redeemable. A trade-in credit or an Apple Gift Card is available for many Apple and non-Apple products. Additionally, Apple gadgets may all be recycled. Give us your used electronics in any case, and we’ll take care of everything.

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