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Snagit is a free snipping tool for Mac, available in the Mac App Store, which lets you capture screenshots, edit them, and share them with others. Snagit lets you take screen shots either as images or videos (which you can then convert into a GIF). Snagit is one of those convenient tools that lets you take screenshots.

The app is capable of detecting windows, which allows for single-click screenshots. Snippets comes with image editing tools, which allows you to add notes on screenshots. Users can easily add annotations and modify the contents of the captured using the simplified editing features of this Snip tool, making editing parts a lot easier and convenient.

Their native snipping tools allow Mac users to capture various screenshots and/or screen recordings. Droplr comes with various options for screenshot capture as well. In addition to page-snipping, the tool includes screen-recording features and GIF generation.

Lightshot also allows quick usage of the screenshots whenever needed. Lightshot not only lets you take screenshots, you can also edit screenshots, adding text, shapes, and colors.

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Whether it is Windows or Mac, the screenshot tools listed above should enable you to capture and edit screenshots quickly, to improve your presentations and to help you communicate more clearly. To help, we have put together a list of the best screenshot tools for Windows and Mac you can use to capture, annotate, edit, and share screenshots for Windows and Mac. All of the aforementioned top 5 best free alternatives for snipping tools on Mac help you to easily capture screens and edit screenshots. Below, we will compare the default screenshot snipping tools that Mac offers with its well-respected Snipping tool, as well as present third-party tools such as CleanShot, Dropshare, and Capto.

Free Snipping ToolsWhat it works
SnagitCapture, Edit and share screenshots
DroplrScreen recording, GIF generation
LightshotEdit, add text, shapes and colors in screenshots
SnippetsAdd annotations
GreenshotHighlighting the screenshot
MonosnapInstantly captures the whole screen
This table shows the features of free Snipping tools for Mac

If you are a Mac user, you may find yourself torn between what screenshot software to pick, and whether or not to use the Macs default snipping features. Mac users will need to have access to a screenshot application in order to know how to snip a photo on the Mac. Although there is no Snippet tool for Mac, like the Snippet tool for Windows, Mac OS X presents users with their very own screenshot utility, Grab.

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Apart from being available to Windows and Mac users alike, Greenshot is usable on Web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Its customers also gain access to annotations and features such as the highlighting of particular sections of the screenshot for easier editing and explaining it to others. Greenshot has the basic screenshot options and annotation tools, you can also share your content via different platforms such as MS Office programs, Picasa, Flickr, etc. Snagit also allows users to create panorama shots, which can screen grab scrolling web pages, and make videos using screenshots and audio.

It is equipped with a very capable editor, which allows you to customise your shots according to your preferences and share them with others. Moreover, Lightshot allows users to capture photos effortlessly through its easy-to-use interface, and helps to share it instantly. Lightshot captures screenshots effectively and can be used for taking sequential screenshots with no delay.

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With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly take a screenshot and share it immediately. You can capture the whole screen, only select regions, or better yet, grab the screen as it scrolls to get one longer screenshot. With Monosnap Snippet Tool, you can take screenshots in one click using the hotkey, and have a selection to choose which region of your screen should be captured. To capture part of your screen, you can hit Shift+Command+4 and drag a crosshair to the part of the screen that you would like to snip.

Once you have captured the screenshot, you can then annotate it using shapes, the arrow tools, and by blurring parts of the picture. Clicking it opens the screenshot into the Quick Look window, where you can edit it with ease. Once you have captured the screenshot using Lightshot (you can adjust keyboard shortcuts in Preferences), you will see the options for annotating and saving directly beside the shortcut. You can either use a particular shortcut for each kind of screenshot capture – regions, windows, whole screens, etc. Or, you can start from a shortcut that opens up macOSs Snippet Tool menu, and pick the best options from there.

The Lightshot snipping tool allows a client to select an area they want to capture screenshots — whether that is your whole screen, or the desired portion of the screen — with just two buttons. Users love the option of printing screens, saving, and highlight screens in a couple of clicks. The standout feature is how easy it is to take, save, and upload screenshots.

You can take high-resolution screenshots on the Mac, with custom screen sizes and a variety of drawing tools. Using Monosnap, you can capture an entire screen, or part of one, in an instant, and then use built-in editing tools to create a thumbnail of and share your masterpiece. Once your screenshot is captured on your Mac, you can immediately annotate it using tools like lines, text, arrows, highlighter, and blur, or you can open your picture in the apps pro-level picture editor, which adds crops, resizes, rotations, and image effects.

To summarize, Snip is a handy tool for anyone looking to take screenshots. If all you are looking for is a simple screenshot utility, something that will capture parts of your screen quickly, sometimes with annotations, then Snagit is an overkill. Packed with a few nice features, Snagit is a screen-recording tool that allows you to capture screenshots of your pages as well. With the Picpick Snippet Tool, the user can capture screenshots or snapshots of the specific active window, entire display, web pages which can be scrolled, etc. Packed with awesome editing features such as annotating and emphasizing captured text using shapes, drop shadows, motion blur, frames, watermarks, etc.

Learn more about screen-capturing tools or screen-capture software, and take a look at a list of best Mac snipping tools for taking screenshots of images, video clips, or favorite websites like pie. SnapNDrag works great with Facebook, Twitter, emails, and others.

Is there a free snipping tool?

One of the top free snipping programs for Windows 10 is frequently recognized as ShareX. It is a totally free and open-source utility for Windows 7 to 11 that allows you to take screenshots of your screen in a number of different methods, including full-screen, region, and window capture.

Why won’t My Mac Let me snip?

Start by selecting the “Apple” menu, then select “System Preferences.” Hit “Keyboard” after that, then tap the “Shortcuts” option. Then select “Screenshots” from the window’s left side by tapping there. Last but not least, confirm that every option is selected or turned on.

Is there a Mac version of snipping tool?

On the Mac, you may also get the snipping tool by hitting Command + Shift + 5. The Screenshot app will launch when the keys are pressed, and a selection of options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on Capture after dragging the frame to the area of the screen you wish to capture.

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