How To Hide Someone On Instagram

How To Hide Someone On Instagram

If you want to hide someone’s posts on instagram, simply tap on three dots next to the account’s post and tap hide. If you want to mute someone on instagram, go to the chat with the person and tap on the upper right of the screen. You can mute or unmute chat from there.

The first way of hiding someone we will be discussing is to silence their Instagram profile. If you block someone on Instagram, or you set your account to private, your posts will be hidden from these users. Hide Instagram from someone is also different than blocking them, and it does not stop them from seeing your profile and posts.

To hide posts from someone on Instagram, you will need to convert your account into private, or block the users that you do not want your content shown to. You can either delete someone from your Instagram profile or turn your account into a private one to hide posts from them. When you silence other users, Instagram will keep a list of accounts that you have silenced.

The best part of this feature is that the specific user never knows that he or she has been muted. With muted, both users are allowed to see either profiles, with the only restriction being that the posts of one person will not show up on your feed. This function removes a persons posts from your Instagram feed, but does not inform the person you did.

When you opt to silence someones Stories, Instagram will push their posts to the bottom of your Stories feed, and it will not play their videos automatically. With the ability to mute stories on Instagram, you can avoid seeing the content that you do not like (or would rather not) see, without impacting your real-life relationships with these users. Whether you find it necessary to mute someones posts, hide their Stories on Instagram, or block them altogether on Instagram, you will have an idea of how exactly to achieve your goals.

For instance, if your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend starts posting on Instagram about a new relationship, you could choose to block all their posts to prevent them from appearing on your Instagram feed. Yes, you can hide your Stories from someone as well as restrict the options to see them, whereby they will see your profile and posts, but not your Stories.

If you would like to block someone from seeing any content you have posted on your Stories going forward, just go to your profile and open up the Account Settings. Remember, settings refer to just your Stories, and they do not stop someone from looking at your profile and seeing your posts.

Selecting the Hide setting will hide the specific posts that you have selected, but it does not silence all posts on an account. Using yet another option, you can touch and hold on an accounts profile icon in your Instagram Feed and silence posts and Stories for an account.

Once you are in Instagram on the web, tap the profile icon on the top-right corner of your screen, and then tap on the Edit profile button. Open the Instagram app on your phone and tap on your profile icon from the bottom right corner of your screen. To publish a Story visible only to your closest friends, tap on the Plus sign at the top right corner of your profile to bring up a “Create” menu, tap Story, then use one of Instagrams story-creation tools to make your Story.

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To silence your accounts Instagram Story, you just need to tap the ellipsis (…) button at the top-right of any post, then tap “Mute”. Like mute options on other social media sites, Instagrams mute button lets you hide posts or Stories belonging to a particular account from appearing on your feed. Account muting will appear within an ellipsis menu on the top right corner of every post, where you will have the ability to choose Mute posts or Mute posts and Stories, which also stops Stories from that account appearing on top of your Instagram app.

Even when you select “Mute posts” or “Mute posts and Stories,” your friends on Instagram will not be able to tell about this action on your part. Someone will not be able to see your Stories, or be able to get into your profile, send you direct messages, or even search for you in the Instagram lists.

You can choose to either silence the person closest to us, or limit to them, so that you can hide them from Instagram without blocking them. Instagram even has an option for you to block someone, as well as any other accounts that they might have created, in order to ensure you feel secure on Instagram. Whenever you are having a fight with someone, or they are offending you in any way, Instagram or not, you might want to block them.

Steps to hide someone from your Instagram feed Steps to hide someone from your story section on Instagram
1Go to Instagram click on 3 dotsGo to Instagram then click on story
2click on hide and click on mute username then click on 3 dots click on mute
3now click on mute posts and story choose the users from which you want to hide and click on mute story and post
Steps to hide someone from your Instagram stories and feed without unfollowing or blocking them

First, you can block someone from everything, and second, you can block someone just for commenting on your posts. If you do not want some people looking at your profile, the best you can do is block them entirely. From the options which are displayed on the screen, you can choose to either block [username] as well as any other accounts one of your friends might have created, or Block [username].

If anyone clicks those three dots, they will be presented with a few options such as Report…, Block, Restricted, Hide Your Story, Copy Profile URL, Send Message, and Share Your Profile. Tap More Options (iPhone) or More Options (Android) on the right side of their name, and choose Hide Your Story. Select who you want to hide your story from, and tap Done (iPhone) or Tap Back on the top left (Android).

Using this feature, you can hide the likes from your Instagram posts, allowing friends to view your photos without worrying about your privacy. Instagram places great importance on user privacy and secrecy, so you are not alerted when someone has muted you, nor is there any way to access the list of users that have mutated your account. Using the method to mute someone via their profile will allow you to only mute a users Stories.

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Can you hide a follower?

On Instagram, you have the option of hiding your following and followers lists from anyone who are not subscribers to you. For this, set your account to private. The lists will thereafter be restricted to your followers exclusively. With a private Instagram account, present yourself in your bio if you want to get followers.

Can you soft block on Instagram?

You may “softly” block the individual and then unblock them again. You’re basically forcing people to unfollow you in this way without their knowledge. They’re not going to notice, and even if they do, you can explain it away as an error.

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